Freedom Is Never Free

Hello, guys. I am deeply concerned, extremely pissed off and very hateful. I don’t know how to channel my anger and all the other emotions right now. But, I won’t waste much time with a lot of useless texts. I am more or less through with being an armchair warrior. I want to announce to you my decision to go to Ukraine as soon as possible. I will fight for the country. I have two flack jackets and a helmet, and I’ve heard that the country has opened its armories to anyone who wants to fight.
Unfortunately, I have visitors from out of town for the next couple of days. When they are gone, so will I be gone. Until then, I will remain on here and on the other sites to carry on the online fight.


  1. There are British expats in Ukraine who have said they are going to fight like hell. They have already been incorporated into the Ukr armed forces. I expect there are some Americans too.

    • Thanks, Sir Scradge, you and your country are brave and honorable. Maybe I will meet some of them there. I will tell them about you and the others on here, how we fought tooth and nail for 8 long years.

  2. Thank you Only facts please. Does the implementation of martial law prevent non Ukrainian citizens to enter Ukraine?

    • Call me Frank, Willie.
      I don’t know. I am trying to find out what the situation is at the Polish border, because this would be the easiest way into the country since flights are impossible.

  3. Thank you for your courage Sir! Clearly, you have more fierce bravery in your little finger, than whatever babbling biden can say, because that’s about all he’s willing to do! The useless babbling!

    I don’t have enough money to fly immediately, but I’m expecting to go myself, around late April or May.

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