An entire reconnaissance platoon of Russians surrendered near Chernigov

The Russian invaders, having stumbled upon the total resistance of the Ukrainian defenders, surrender.

The Russian military surrendered / photo Russian military surrendered / photo

An entire reconnaissance platoon of the 74th Russian motorized rifle brigade surrendered near Chernigov.

This was announced by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny on Facebook.

Among those who surrendered – foreman Buynichev Konstantin Sergeevich, 74th motorized rifle brigade, Kemerovo region.

According to him, the exercises were in Yelnya, on February 23 they learned about the attack on Ukraine, they thought that they would return home.

“No one thought that we were going to kill. We were not going to fight, we were collecting information,” Buinichev said.


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  1. Please refrain from exposing POWs from both sides. Ukrainian fighters are giving everything to defend Ukraine. We must respect international rules or we will be no better than Russia and deliver ammo to RuSSia’s hateful propaganda machine.

    Thank you.

    • There’s nothing wrong with that, Mike, as long as he’s being treated fairly. He does carry a bandage, after all, and doesn’t seem to have been beaten. Maybe what he said is true, then those guys were lied to about having to kill. But, I doubt it.

      • Under the Geneva Conventions, neither side is to publish photos of POWs. I realize Russia is simply a savage country, but Ukraine still needs to stick to the rules.

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