SBU records build-up of Russian troops on border with Kharkiv region


Ukraine’s SBU State Security Service records a build-up of Russian troops on Russia’s border with the Kharkiv region and is preparing countermeasures.


According to Ukrinform, the head of the SBU directorate in the Kharkiv region, Roman Dudin, said this at a meeting in the regional state administration on Wednesday, February 23.


“We see active maneuvering and movement of Russian troops along our borders. We see that their military presence is gradually increasing and there are no elements of troops being pulled back from the state border of Ukraine after so-called exercises,” Dudin said.


At the same time, he stressed a decline in the psychological state of Russian soldiers.


“Today, according to our information, their best tactical group has only 70% of non-faulty equipment. Some 30% of equipment is faulty. We see the morale of the Russian army declining every day,” he added.


He spoke about the lack of food, poor financial conditions and declining salaries in Russian troops, as well as the military’s talk that they do not understand why they should go to Ukraine.


According to Dudin, Russian troops have purchased 45,000 body bags.


“At the same time, I think that according to the ancient Russian tradition, they will bury them just in the field or in these nameless graves,” Dudin said.


He stressed that Kharkiv has worked out all measures to protect the region. The city has special-purpose groups of military intelligence.


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  1. If the ruSSians really calculate 40k+ killed on their side, what the hell awaits Ukraine??? I hope for the best, but i also hope that Zelensky will consider concessions in case things go totally wrong. Heroyam Slava!

  2. God help Ukraine and save them from savages.
    Personally I’d be prepared to surrender Crimea in return for peace. I’d hate to do it, but I do not want any more little children to be murdered by putinoid fascist scum

  3. I believe it, that the morale of mafia troops is not the best. After all, they’ve been waiting in lingo for weeks and months and/or been shifted around like the pawns they are, and all this with not the slightest idea as to why. Will this help Ukraine? For sure. Will it help it to defeat the mafia’s army? Unlikely.
    At any rate, the more dead and wounded ruskies the better for Ukraine.
    Слава Україні!!!

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