Polish President declares need to stop Russia’s neo-imperial policy


I must say a clear “stop” to the neo-imperial policy of Russia, President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda said.


“Before our eyes, the system of security architecture in Europe, which has guaranteed peace over the past decades, is being destroyed. This is a time of great test not only for European solidarity, but also for the unity of the EU and NATO. We cannot allow weakness to be seen as a result of external pressures, games and the difference between member states. The main goal of President [Vladimir] Putin is to show the weakness of the EU and NATO, large communities that are world symbols of stability and security. In this difficult time, we must show unity, overcome all differences and various views on the situation. We must say clearly ‘stop’ Russia’s neo-imperial policy,” Duda said at a press conference following talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda in Kyiv on Wednesday.


He said the struggle is not only for the sovereignty of Ukraine, but for a new security architecture in the world.


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  1. Mr Duda is a good neighbour. He needs to send some of his best combat troops over the border and provide some air support. Maybe that might shame others into joining in?

    • Some might follow suit. Others would rather sell their children than to acquire a spine. It’s sad, but that’s today’s Europe…

      • Support Ukraine, Ukrainians in USA FB page just wrote :

        “Let me be very clear. RUSSIA WILL NEVER INVADE UKRAINE PERIOD. UKRAINE WILL STILL BE A COUNTRY! With the power of almighty god Ukraine will still be a country. God will pur out his wrath on all of Russia. This is a fight to the very end and we will keep Ukraine a free and great nation under God!!”

  2. The Polish have been some of Ukraine’s staunchest friends and allies. How great it would be if the rest of this sorry-ass continent were like them.

    • Now, will Poland do more than offer nice words, or will they put the rest of Europe to shame by actually helping the Ukrainians.

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