Biden made a new appeal on the situation in Ukraine: what he was talking about (video)

The President of the United States announced a new package of sanctions against Russia.

Joe Biden / photo REUTERSJoe Biden / photo REUTERS

US President Joe Biden delivered a new address on the situation around Ukraine and Russia.

His speech was broadcast by the  White House .

It was planned that the American leader will go on the air at 21:00 Kyiv time, but he was delayed.

During the speech, Biden expressed confidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plan is to move further deep into Ukraine .

At the same time, the US President announced a new package of sanctions against the Russian Federation:

“We are imposing sanctions on two Russian banks. Against Russian sovereign debt. We are also imposing sanctions on Russian elites and their families. They must suffer too. The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will be frozen. In case of further steps, the price for Russia will be even greater “We will strengthen our NATO allies. If Russia does not withdraw troops from Belarus, we will strengthen the contingent in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.”

“We do not want a confrontation with the Russian Federation, but we want to send a message that we are ready to defend our allies. We are convinced that Russia intends to move into Ukraine. We hope that this will not happen, but 150,000 troops are still on the border of Ukraine,” – Biden added.

According to him, the United States and European allies are united in supporting Ukraine.

“We understand all the threats that come from the Russian Federation regarding the security of the world. Nothing in yesterday’s twisted “historical” remarks by Putin indicated a desire for dialogue. He questioned the right of Ukraine to exist. So Russia is the aggressor, but there is still a chance to stop the escalation We are ready for diplomacy,” the US President said.

Recall that immediately after the recognition of the so-called “LDPR” republics by the President of the Russian Federation,  Biden signed a decree on sanctions against CADLO .

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  1. “Who is this Putin who imagines that he has the right to proclaim new so-called countries in the territories that belong to his neighbors,” Biden expressed his displeasure.

  2. A breeze of warm air must be followed by harsh sanctions … harsher than any we’ve heard about so far. Concurrently, increased and accelerated arms shipments must be top priority.

    • Ukraine is not Vietnam and must never become one. Our foreign policies since 2001 were a fuck up. Either we declare we are willing to defend/protect Ukraine according to the Budapest memorandum or we make concessions. I think all ukrainian mothers will agree with me.

      • What else is there to do, Mike? There is no real leader to do what is righteous. I looked in the bag of marshmallows all day, but couldn’t find a single one.

  3. Mickey Biden is not an fucking asshole. I don’t think the English language has actually a word to define him. Perhaps POND SCUM comes close but that just doesn’t cover it either.

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