Biden to convene meeting of US National Security Council on situation in Ukraine

08:31, 20 February 2022 – 112UA

Biden continues to monitor the evolving situation in Ukraine

US President Joe Biden on Sunday, February 20, will convene a meeting of the US National Security Council on the situation around Ukraine. This was announced by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

“The President will convene a meeting of the National Security Council on the situation in Ukraine,” she said.

According to the press secretary, Biden is monitoring the situation in Ukraine. The national security team confirmed the start of the Russian attack at any time.

“President Biden continues to monitor the evolving situation in Ukraine, and is being updated regularly about events on the ground by his national security team. They reaffirmed that Russia could launch an attack against Ukraine at any time,”Jen Psaki said.

Russia increased its military contingent on the Ukrainian border to 190,000 soldiers. This was stated by US Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Michael Carpenter at a joint meeting of the Forum for Security Cooperation in Vienna on February 18.

“We assess that Russia probably has massed between 169,000-190,000 personnel in and near Ukraine as compared with about 100,000 on January 30.  This estimate includes military troops along the border, in Belarus, and in occupied Crimea; Russian National Guard and other internal security units deployed to these areas; and Russian-led forces in eastern Ukraine,” Carpenter said.


  1. Oh, Lord … ole sleepy has a meeting with the meaningless UN. Can’t say which is worse, can’t say what’ll come out of it except CO2, can’t say that this will be of any help for Ukraine or something negative for mafia land.
    Stay home, Joe, and slurp your Geritol…

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