“What is this freak.” Yarosh sharply responded to Lukashenka’s statements about the war with Ukraine

The head of the Ukrainian volunteer army and adviser to the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Dmitry Yarosh sharply responded to the Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko , who stated that the war with Ukraine would last a maximum of 3-4 days.

On his Facebook page, he promised to show Lukashenka and Russian President Vladimir Putin ” Ukrainian hospitality.”

“ Friends, have you heard what this freak Lukashenko is talking about? He is really a moron who introduced himself as a commander. A miracle frightened from the AKS-74U ran, drove peaceful Belarusian unarmed Protestants into concentration camps and squealed that it would destroy Ukraine in 3 days. Well, well … We are waiting, nedobatska, together with his older brother Putin. Let’s show them Ukrainian hospitality. Welcome to hell, creatures! he wrote.

Earlier, Lukashenko said that the war with Ukraine ” would last a maximum of 3-4 days.”

“ Ukraine will never fight with us. This war will last well, a maximum of 3-4 days. There will be no one there to fight against us. Those who are shown with wooden machine guns, how they train, so now we will go out to the next room and shoot the training on the phone, ”he said.

Since the end of October 2021, Russia has been pulling troops to the Ukrainian borders. According to the latest intelligence assessment of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Russia has deployed more than 130 thousand military personnel and offensive weapons near the borders of Ukraine and in the temporarily occupied territories.

At the same time, the Russian Federation is transferring troops and equipment to Belarus, allegedly for the joint exercises Allied Resolve-2022 from February 10 to 20. In particular , Russia transferred S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to Belarus .

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus assured that Russian troops would leave the country at the end of the joint military exercises.

Western media and foreign intelligence agencies report a high risk of further Russian invasion of Ukraine, as an option – from Belarus.

At the same time, the Russian leadership denies information about the preparation of the invasion, stating that the transfer of troops is an internal affair of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the Kremlin declares possible provocations from Ukraine and allegedly plans of Kiev to return the occupied territories by military means.



  1. “Well, well … We are waiting, nedobatska, together with his older brother Putin. Let’s show them Ukrainian hospitality. Welcome to hell, creatures! he wrote.”

    You won’t be fighting women with flowers this time Luka.

  2. The translation unfortunately refers to “Protestants.”
    I think they mean “protesters.”
    Yarosh is a hardass. He’s always advocated retaking Donbas by force. It’s probably the only way to get it back.
    Bide your time Ukraine. Avoid war with the scum this time at all costs. You can’t afford to lose your finest men in large numbers; even if you wipe out a horde of putinazis.
    Spend the next decade transforming yourself into a military superpower.

  3. LOL. Luka got the ass wide open as usual. Beating up brave girls demanding freedom in peaceful protests is one thing, creeping into the ukrainian shashlik factory is another.

  4. My God. Ukraine is surrounded by all the 21st century fu*kin maniacs. Putin on the East, Lukasenko on the north and Orban on the Southwest. If anyone deserves a break is Ukraine. Geez. Then of course you have the f**kin idiots if France snd Germany “helping”.

  5. Loony Luka has clearly gone insane, and he’s got only enough power left over in mini mafia land (Belarus) to order his house servants around, but nothing more.

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