Timing of Ukraine’s accession to NATO remains open – Stoltenberg


NATO may have different points of view on exactly when Ukraine will be able to become a member of the organization, but there can be no compromises on the open doors policy of the alliance, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said.


At an online event for The Washington Post, Stoltenberg said there is a difference between discussing when Ukraine will join NATO and signing a legally binding document on which Russia insists that there will be no expansion. The secretary general answered the moderator’s question about whether there are any compromise ideas about the alliance’s open doors policy in NATO’s responses to Russia’s proposals on security in Europe.


Stoltenberg said the refusal to expand as such would affect not only Ukraine, but, for example, countries such as Sweden and Finland, which are not going to join the alliance yet, but do not want to lose such an opportunity in principle.


Speaking about Ukraine, the Secretary General recalled that, like other applicants, it must meet certain criteria for entry: they relate to democracy and compliance with NATO standards.


Stoltenberg said that NATO does not intend to publish the responses sent to Russia, as confidentiality is important in diplomatic negotiations.


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  1. The krauts and frogs will ensure that Ukraine will never join Nato, so it actually would not hurt them at all to promise putlerstan that they won’t join.
    Security must be provided by Ukraine itself and the very least the Budapest signatories can do, having already reneged, is to provide the means for Ukraine to become a military superpower. Or at least as invulnerable as possible to putinazi attack.

    • Nato is nonsense anyway. Washington can decide any time to intervene in favor of Ukraine, Sweden or Finland. It’s not the treaties but the will that will make a difference. The value of treaties is illustrated very precisely by RuSSia.

  2. I really hope that one day certain countries will realize that NATO has withered and is near death and that it is time to create a new alliance with only brave and willing nations as members. Do you hear, US, UK, Ukraine, Poland and the Baltics?

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