The UN Security Council decided to hold a meeting on the situation around Ukraine. Russia and China opposed

The UN Security Council met on Monday, January 31, for a meeting on the situation around Ukraine. The decision was made during a procedural vote, TASS reports.

The United States came up with the initiative to hold a meeting on Ukraine within the framework of the UN Security Council. In order for the discussion to take place, nine “yes” votes were needed, the agency notes (in total, the Security Council includes 15 countries). During the voting, the proposal was supported by 10 countries, Russia and China voted against, three more countries abstained.

Representatives of Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Poland will take part in the meeting, in addition to members of the UN Security Council, Mona Juul, the chairman of the council, Permanent Representative of Norway, announced.

Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya called the UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine an example of megaphone diplomacy and whipping up hysteria. He noted that the United States, in the proposal to convene the meeting, mentioned that it “considers the deployment of Russian troops on Russian territory as a threat to international peace and security.” According to him, this is “unacceptable interference in the internal affairs” of the Russian Federation and “an attempt to mislead the international community about the situation in the region.”

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  1. “considers the deployment of Russian troops on Russian territory as a threat to international peace and security.”

    Nope, Russian troops on Ukrainian soil is a threat to international peace and security. Maybe NATO needs to bring back to 250,000 troops that used to be stationed in Europe, I’m sure Muscovy would have something to say about that.

    • It should be illegal for these countries to abstain. My God. Countries send their best experts to the UN and show leadership and representation. You can’t tell me these guys can’t make a decision about having a meeting to save lives. Same goes for the Rada, if they can’t vote don’t pay them.

      • They don’t want to make a decision. India don’t want to upset the USA, and they don’t want to upset Muscovy, or else Muscovy won’t sell them any more of their military junk.

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