The Dutch parliament supports the provision of weapons to Ukraine

Both the opposition and the pro-government parties note that they do not want to send Dutch soldiers to Ukraine.The Dutch government should help Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression / photo ua.depositphotos.comThe Dutch government should help Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression / photo ua.

The Dutch parliament supports the provision of weapons to Ukraine to protect against Russian aggression.

However, both the ruling People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and the opposition Labor Party (PvdA) oppose sending Dutch troops to Ukraine, writes RTL Niews .

According to VVD MP Ruben Brekelmans, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra should pledge structural military or financial support to the Ukrainian government on Tuesday.

Brekelmans added that Dutch officials should come to Ukraine with specific proposals. “Both specifically about what we can deliver and whether it meets the needs of Ukraine. But also discuss future scenarios. If the aggression escalates further, the Netherlands must be structurally ready, financially or materially, and for Ukraine to understand, on what can count,” the deputy noted.

According to Breckelmans, the Netherlands could provide Ukraine with radars, precision weapons, anti-tank weapons or air defense systems.

It is noted that Ukraine has already turned to the Netherlands for help in armament. Now the Ministry of Defense is conducting an inventory of what can be provided to Ukraine.

According to Katya Piri of the opposition PvdA, the Netherlands can help Ukraine defend against cyberattacks, provide training or supply anti-tank weapons.

“I talked with Katya Piri about the military support that the Netherlands should provide to Ukraine. No troops, only defensive weapons! (And really more than just helmets, like the Germans )”, Brekelmans later wrote on his Twitter .

As UNIAN reported earlier, the Netherlands, together with Germany, blocked the provision of weapons to Ukraine. However, recently in the Netherlands they changed their position and declared that their government is open to military assistance to Ukraine in the matter of supplying defense weapons.

Therefore, now Germany remains the country that still refuses to provide Ukraine with weapons to protect against Russian aggression. In particular, on December 14, 2021, the media reported that the former German Chancellor Angela Merkel personally blocked the sale of weapons to Ukraine through the NATO support and supply agency.

On December 30, the new German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock announced that she did not support the supply of arms to Ukraine . In her opinion, “further military escalation will not bring Ukraine greater security.” On January 17, in Kiev, the head of the German Foreign Ministry stated that Germany’s position on the issue of supplying weapons to Ukraine remains unchanged .

On January 16, Andriy Melnyk, the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, once again called on Berlin to provide Ukraine with weapons . According to the Ukrainian diplomat, the reluctance of the new German government to supply weapons is “very upsetting” against the backdrop of the buildup of Russian forces on the border with Ukraine. “Now the moment of truth has come – who is a true friend,” Melnik emphasized.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz confirmed that the German government has no plans to supply weapons to Ukraine , but will try to diplomatically divert the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The other day, Germany refused to issue permission to the request of its NATO ally Estonia for the transfer of German-made weapons to the Ukrainian army.

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  1. While I wish the Dutch would join the Poles and Czechs along with our Baltic brothers and sisters and lead the way to freedom, justice and democracy, I’m very grateful for the defensive support. Thank You Netherlands!

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