Kuleba to Putin: Take care of your own people instead of wasting billions on wars

Russian President Vladimir Putin should focus on his own country’s internal affairs, instead of wasting resources on threatening neighbors.

That’s according to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, who answered a Vice News correspondent’s question, what he would say to Putin had he an opportunity to meet in person, Ukrinform reports.

“Mind your own business, take care of your people. If he (Putin – ed.) concentrates on the welfare and the future of Russia instead of concentrating on spending billions on waging wars and cyber attacks, and then imposing military threats to different countries around the globe, Russia would have been a different place, a much better place to live, and we would have had less headache,” Kuleba said.

In the interview, the top diplomat has stressed that Kyiv and its partners are working together to prevent “the worst-case scenario,” as President Putin shouldn’t be allowed “to get what he wants without even crossing the red line.”

The Minister reminded that the state of heightened alert is not new for Ukraine, as his country has been fighting this war since 2014, and its economy has already suffered due to the panic over the latest escalation.

As reported earlier, Russia continues to accumulate military units in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and near Ukraine’s borders. The Kremlin is trying to use this military buildup to blackmail the United States and NATO and puts forward an ultimatum to ensure NATO renounces its security policy and doesn’t expand eastward. The Kremlin has publicly threatened to take measures of “military and military-technical nature” should the Alliance turn down Russia’s proposals.

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  1. “The Kremlin has publicly threatened to take measures of “military and military-technical nature” should the Alliance turn down Russia’s proposals.”

    The West have told Putler where to go, even put it down in writing, and they still come back with the same crap about The West not taking our concerns into acount. If Putler doesn’t backup his threats with actions, he’s going to look even smaller than he already is.

  2. Ukraine must never again be left so vulnerable. So-called friends turned out not to be reliable at all. Those that have helped must ensure that Ukrainians are so well protected that another threat from putler is unthinkable.
    Budapest signatories: wake up and do your job. As for the rest of the world, with the honourable exceptions of Poland, Pribaltika, Czechia, Canada etc, they can fuck off and die of shame.

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