Germany has tightened entry rules for Ukrainians

Since January 30, Ukraine has been declared a high-risk zone in Germany due to the level of coronavirus infection.

This is stated in a statement by the Robert Koch Institute, reports Deutsche Welle .

People who enter Germany, unless they have been fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19, must undergo a 10-day quarantine, which can only be released five days after arrival after a negative test.

Before entering the country, you need to register on the relevant website and enter your vaccination details. Children under 12 must be quarantined for five days and can complete it without a coronavirus test.

These requirements apply to persons of any nationality who have visited high-risk countries in the last 10 days, which include Ukraine.

Restrictions will run until March 3 and will be reviewed later.

Areas of high epidemiological risk in Germany are countries and regions where the risk of coronavirus infection is particularly high. Not only the number of infected people is important. Other criteria are taken into account, such as the rate of coronavirus spread, hospital congestion and the lack of complete data on the disease situation.

In addition to Ukraine, the list also includes Afghanistan, Cuba, Pakistan, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Oman, Palau, Singapore and New Caledonia.


  1. Germany once again playing favourites. Ukraine are in a high risk zone, but conspicuously absent from this list, is the country with the highest new cases of covid in the world. You know which country I’m talking about, the one running Germany at the moment.

  2. The whole world is a risk zone now, accourding to Mengele 2.0 aka Lauterbach. I cannot visit Denmark, the Benelux, Czechia or Poland without being quarantined for 10 days on return. The Corona Nazis in Germany, Austria and Australia got the ass wide open. Everybody already had Corona twice left and right, no reason to panic no more. Total morons!

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