Britain-Ukraine-Poland Tripartite Union. How it will be and what it will give

A new political and security alliance with the participation of Great Britain, Ukraine and Poland is to appear on the political map of the world next week.

According to BBC News Ukraine, the parties are finalizing the details of the agreement.

It was originally planned that the agreement would be announced on January 31 during a visit to Ukraine by British Foreign Secretary Liz Trass. But the situation is changing and a different ad format is possible.

Sources of the BBC News Ukraine in the Ukrainian government say that the head of the British government Borys Johnson and the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki may visit Kyiv next week. The visit has already been officially announced in Warsaw.

It is possible that this may be due to the announcement of the creation of this alliance.

“This option is being seriously considered, but negotiations are underway, we are clarifying the details,” said a source in the president’s office.

The main tasks of the regional alliance should be to counter the Russian threat and work together for the future of European security.

The creation of the new London-Warsaw-Kyiv axis is taking place against the background of a significant aggravation of the security situation on the Ukrainian borders and the active supply of weapons by Britain to Ukraine.

Union of three

Liz Trass was the first to speak publicly about the new alliance on January 21 in Australia.

The track announced the membership, and British analysts immediately drew a very illustrative political map of the future formation, very similar to the “air bridge” of British arms supplies in recent weeks.Skip Twitter post, 1

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Ambassador of Ukraine to the United Kingdom Vadym Prystaiko in an interview with BBC News Ukraine has already commented on the future alliance.

In response to a direct question about the work of the future alliance, Prystaiko advised to wait until January 31, but said it was “not exactly NATO for three.”

“But it is really an attempt to find friends, partners and help at this critical time,” the ambassador said.

According to Pristaik, Ukraine must base its actions on the readiness of individual NATO members to help now.

He reminded that Britain is becoming an increasingly serious ally of Ukraine: a strategic partnership agreement, a $ 2 billion agreement, the supply of anti-tank weapons, the construction of ships and naval bases.

Interlocutors of BBC News Ukraine in diplomatic circles point out that Ukraine initiated a new tripartite format of cooperation between London, Warsaw and Kyiv not so long ago – in early December.

This should be part of Ukraine’s broader strategy to form small alliances: the Lublin Triangle (Ukraine-Poland-Lithuania), the Associated Trio (Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova) and the Quadriga (Ukraine-Turkey).

What he can give

As Pristaiko explains, Britain has its own interests in this part of Europe.

After leaving the EU, they adopted the concept of “global Britain”. They see their interest, they need a friend like Ukraine. A typical analogy is a serious relationship between Poland and Britain of the European continent “, – Pristaiko considers.

Caption to the photo,The Ukrainian military is training to use the latest NLAW anti-tank missile systems supplied by the United Kingdom

According to Serhiy Solodkyi, deputy director of the New Europe Center, this union looks logical. Britain provides one of the largest assistance to Ukraine in the military and security sectors, and Poland has a natural interest in Ukraine strengthening its defense capabilities.

“The deepening of cooperation in this triangle looks natural. After all, these are two countries that are serious about the threat to Russia and have felt it to varying degrees,” said Mr. Solodky.

He considers the transition from bilateral relations with Warsaw and London to the triangle format a serious step forward.

Expert Oleksandr Krayev emphasizes that such an alliance is part of Britain’s strategy to restore influence in the world and the region after Brexit.

“Of course, these are Britain’s political ambitions,” he said. In addition, three countries are actively opposing the Russian threat.

On the other hand, Krayev says, the three countries “have questions” and some claims to Brussels – that is, to the EU.

In NATO, not all countries are ready to resolutely oppose the Russian threat, so Britain continues the tactics of small alliances to work more effectively in Eastern Europe.

“Therefore, such a union of three can act as a kind of Little Entente, as it was in the early twentieth century, when Central and Eastern Europe formed a small bloc and shared the goals of the Great Entente,”

Alexander Kraev also predicts that such cooperation will be more effective than bilateral relations.

“Separately, Poland has announced its readiness to support Ukraine with equipment and weapons, Britain is already doing so. If there is synergy between the two countries, arms supplies to Kyiv will be more efficient, political agreements at the tripartite level will be possible,” he added.

Why Poland

Serhiy Herasymchuk, Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Prism Foreign Policy Council, explains how Poland benefits from the alliance.

“This puts them on a par with the British, strengthens them within the European Union and demonstrates that Poland is involving Britain in security tasks that are of interest to the entire EU,” Gerasimchuk said.

He recalls that in recent years Warsaw has had conflicts with Brussels. And the recent resolution of the Russian-inspired conflict with migrants and aiding the escalation in Ukraine will be Poland’s additional arguments in the debate with the EU leadership.

Despite disputes over historical issues, Poland and Ukraine remain strategic partners
Caption to the photo,Poland and Ukraine, despite all disputes over historical issues, remain strategic partners

Also, despite difficult historical disputes with Kyiv, Poland is interested in Ukrainian security.

“They need Ukraine so that there is no big border with Russia if it is occupied or Kyiv embraces Russia,” Gerasimchuk said.

He predicts that Poland will help Ukraine with everything – weapons, resources and equipment – except the direct deployment of its troops.

“In general, in this alliance, Poles indirectly represent the EU, which is also becoming a security actor in some way,” Gerasimchuk added.

Experts are waiting for the official announcement of the union of the three countries and details of the agreement to better understand the format of future cooperation.

But it is already predicted that London’s involvement in the regional alliance is only the first step towards strengthening Britain in the region. And Ukraine should benefit greatly from this and help reduce the threat from Moscow.

“More countries on the eastern flank can be involved in the alliance. For Britain, in the long run, this will be positioning itself as the main sponsor of NATO’s eastern flank defense, this is a new geopolitical position,” Alexander Krayev said.

And the map of the new union, which reflects the logistics of British arms supplies to Ukraine, is the first and most obvious consequence of its operation.


  1. Well is there any doubt who our real friends are? Amazing even Poland whom we’ve had historical issues is coming by our side. These are friends but more importantly they see the threat that Russia poses not only to us but every country n the region

  2. “In response to a direct question about the work of the future alliance, Prystaiko advised to wait until January 31, but said it was “not exactly NATO for three.”
    That’s unfortunate. Because that is exactly what it needs to be. A military and intel-sharing alliance with one purpose only : a bulwark against putlerstan. The reason why it is needed is that Nato no longer performs that role.

    • I agree. It should be a NATO for three. Maybe it will be sometime in the future. And, where there are three, there might be four, five or more.

  3. They can go and fuck themselves. The day this would be reality i will be fresh out. But they are free to do what pleases them, no doubt. The UK, full of muzzlim shitters, equal to Germany, France, Italy, Holland and Belgium, will show Ukraine the dark side.

  4. The Empire is based on decolonialization, ridding itself of all former colonial powers, forming an alliance of free states. Germany, RuSSia and the UK seem very successful at compromising this effort. But i would never interfere with the people’s will. If you love slavery just do it!

  5. I’m not looking for a fight with any of you brave defenders of Ukraine, i respect your strong support for Ukraine. But sometimes i have to say what i feel. I’m not not a robot, i went through tough times and am interested in a true vision for our future.

    • Dude, Ukraine needs all the friends she can get right now and if our British gents and Polish friends want to form another union, great. It’s similar to the other (Vanguard or something) group or the Lithukrpol or whatever group that was, lol I can’t remember right now. Besides, you’ve said yourself that Ukraine could join NATO and voila, we get a German veto. Well, this seems like a great Plan B. Who cares about an empire, I’ll take worldwide friends instead.

    • I respect your point of view, Mike, but I don’t understand your issue with a new defense alliance that has Britain in it. I agree that mass immigration is no good and that the UK is not doing itself any favors by it. However, the argument here is one of possible NATO replacement, since we have seen its “value”. The UK has been one of Ukraine’s staunchest supporters, and this is very important when you have “friends” like Germanystan and frog land. Think about it.

      • I want to apologize to all of you once more. I had private trouble yesterday and a few drinks too much. Of course everybody is invited to help defend Ukraine. It’s all good. Sorry my British friends!

  6. This tripartite might be the first step for something bigger and better in the future. Many international organizations had started out with only a few members and with limited goals just to grow bigger with more functions. We’ll see. I most certainly hope that certain countries will see NATO’s disease of impotence, caused by certain others. Times change and governments change and, unfortunately, NATO is not the same organization as it once was

  7. Mickey not sure what the issue you’re having a problem with. I as others in the thread think this could be the beginning of an Eastern European alliance. It may or may not come to pass but it’s a start. I love that the UK has our back but more importantly a country we’ve had major historical issues is coming by our side. That’s great. Now if we see Lithuania or Moldavia join we have the beginnings of a wonderful alliance. IMHO.

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