PM of Bavaria says Russia “not enemy of Europe”, but “difficult partner”

22:00, 23 January 2022 – 112UA

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry noted that such statements by the politician harm Ukrainian-German relations

Prime Minister of Bavaria, Markus Söder, spoke about tough sanctions against the Russian Federation. According to him, the country is a difficult partner of the European Union, but not an enemy. It is reported by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

In particular, the prime minister is convinced that sanctions against the Russian Federation are ineffective, and also harm Germany. At that, he added that today no one wants to start a war in Europe, at the same time, it is necessary to respect the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine.

“On the one hand, because the sanctions have long been ineffective, and on the other hand, because these new sanctions often harm us no less. For example, disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT financial system. Or closing the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline or even stopping all gas supplies from Russia as a whole would also affect our country. Even at the height of the Cold War, the energy connection between the Soviet Union and Germany was not in doubt,” Söder said.

The prime minister noted that despite the criticism towards Russia, the West will still have to answer whether NATO plans to join Ukraine to its composition.

“But you still need to give an answer. In my opinion, one thing is clear: NATO’s eastward expansion to include Ukraine will not be on the agenda for a long time,” Söder added.

He also noted that although Russia is a difficult partner, it is not an enemy of Europe, and therefore it is necessary to maintain contact with Moscow.

“One thing is clear: Russia is not a regional power. Russia is and will remain a great power. We are firmly anchored in the West, but we must keep in touch with Moscow – even if it is always a challenge,” Söder added.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry noted that such statements by the politician harm the Ukrainian-German relations. This was announced by Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko, RBC-Ukraine reports.


  1. “NATO’s eastward expansion to include Ukraine will not be on the agenda for a long time,” Söder added.”

    The only people that believe “NATO’s eastward expansion” are fucking nazis. No excuses because its in the charter. You got a problem with expansion get the hell out.

    • These dirty pigs are far more likely to fight Ukraine than fight Russia. In fact they are already an active component of putler’s war machine.

  2. Just like Dracula wasn’t a Vampire, he just had a different method for blood donation.

  3. This must be the unity that Biden was talking about when he stopped sanctions on NS2. Germany are showing their true colours to the world, Ukraine are still the untermensch to be destroyed at all costs.

    • I think one can forget about Nato! Look at Sweden’s and Finland’s armies outside Nato, and most eastern european armies in Nato. These Nato members are virtually defenseless, and a nuclear shield is useless since noone will fire the first shot. Nato is dead.

    • We had more than 1,700 views the last 2 days, people are getting informed. You probably already have all that info though don’t you? I hope we are making a difference.

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