Hear the New Voice of Ukraine

For years, people from embassies in Kyiv and outside of Ukraine have been asking me, “When will NV have an English-language version?”

Finally, I can say, “Now!”

With a team of Kyiv Post veterans, we’ve launched the largest news site about Ukraine in English. Every day, NV.ua will cover Ukraine’s developments in politics, business, social life and sports.

We’ll offer commentary and opinion pieces from dozens of Ukrainian and foreign opinion leaders, such as writer Serhy Zhadan, historian Yaroslav Hrytsak, and U.S. Chargé d’affaires in Ukraine Kristina Kvien.

From day one we’ll be publishing around 20 pieces of news a day – and soon we’ll also launch a morning newsletter.

We believe it’s especially important at this time to reach out to the world with a Ukrainian version of events – given that the Kremlin is posing an existential threat to Ukraine, while trying to confuse the world with its propaganda.  

NV is a 200-strong media house which includes the NV.ua website (in Ukrainian, Russian, and now English), a weekly magazine, a national talk radio station and speaking panels.

NV is continuing a tradition of doing hard-hitting independent journalism that was founded in Korrespondent magazine. Over 10 years, Korrespondent produced hundreds of satirical covers and probing investigative stories under four consecutive presidents – until Viktor Yanukovych and Co. decided that enough was enough, and took the magazine over in 2013.

The bulk of the team left, and a few months later founded NV. Now we are seven years old and – along with Ukrainska Pravda – are among the largest independent news media in Ukraine. Our site is read by 7 million Ukrainians every month.

Assisting us in this new endeavor – along with his team – will be Euan MacDonald, former Business Editor and Production Editor at the Kyiv Post.

So for me personally, launching the English-language version of NV is like the closing of a circle: From 1997 to 2003 I also worked at the Kyiv Post as a reporter and then editor, and freelanced for The Economist Group publication covering Ukraine.

Then I learned to type in Russian and Ukrainian, and joined Korrespondent as chief editor, before going on to found NV. I have great memories of the Kyiv Post, and happy the skills I honed there are coming in handy once again.

We aim to constantly expand and improve our English output. If you’d like to share any comments about this new site, please send them to me at vsych@nv.ua, or to Euan MacDonald at EMacdonald@nv.ua

And thank you for reading NV!

 Vitaly Sych

Chief Editor,

NV Media House



  1. Excellent news and a welcome addition for the English speakers of Ukraine. Nice to see the old Kyiv Post employees being hired after Zelensky closed it down.

    • “we’ve launched the largest news site about Ukraine in English.”
      I don’t know about that. We have the Veth engine. NV released 14 news stories today and we released 24. :))))
      So we are still number one 🙂
      Slava Ukraini~~!!

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