Estonia to hand over weapons to Ukraine in coming weeks

08:08, 24 January 2022 – 112 UA

If the escalation grows, Estonia is ready to expand support

In the coming weeks, Estonia will send to Ukraine Javelin anti-tank missile systems made in the United States, Ambassador of Estonia to Ukraine Kaimo Kuusk stated, Radio Liberty reports.

“[The departure time is] in the coming weeks. This is a normal procedure – we had to ask permission and get it. The United States did everything very quickly, without unnecessary bureaucracy. That’s why we have Javelin missiles in Estonia, ready to be sent to Ukraine. And we are talking about dozens, dozens, dozens and dozens of missiles. I don’t want to name a specific number, but it’s really impressive,” he said.

The diplomat also noted that discussions on additional defense support for Ukraine in Tallinn began last year, in late October and November. The reason was the growing tension on the Ukrainian-Russian border.

If the escalation grows, Estonia is ready to expand support, the diplomat added. Kuusk says Ukraine has asked for artillery ammunition, and it will be done.

Tallinn was also ready to hand over the 122-millimeter D-30 guns, but the permission of other states was required – Germany as the manufacturer and Finland as the previous owner.

Earlier, the United States gave permission to three NATO member states to supply American-made weapons to Ukraine.


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