US confirms Russian plans for occupation government in Ukraine – CNN

Alexander Topchy 10:12, 01/23/22 + UNIAN

In turn, the Russian Foreign Ministry denied the information of the British Foreign Office about the possible appointment of Yevgeny Muraev as the head of the occupation administration of Ukraine, calling it “nonsense.”

US intelligence confirms information about the Kremlin’s intentions to appoint ex-People’s Deputy, the owner of the NASH TV channel Yevgeny Muraev, the head of the occupation administration after the invasion of Ukraine.

CNN writes about this , citing its sources close to American intelligence.

“Yes, we’ve seen intelligence that Russia is looking for ways to minimize a long protracted war. This includes things like setting up a friendly government and using its spy agencies to fuel dissent,” the source said.

Another source noted that “the US has the same information as Britain.”

However, the Russian Foreign Ministry denied the information of the British Foreign Ministry, calling it “disinformation” and accusing Western countries of allegedly escalating the situation around Ukraine.

“We call on the British Foreign Office to stop provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense and concentrate on studying the history of the Tatar-Mongol yoke,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, an official press release on the website of the British Foreign Office says that Russia will appoint a pro-Russian politician as the head of the occupation administration after the invasion of Ukraine. As a potential candidate, the aggressor country is considering the former people’s deputy Yevgeny Muraev.

Commenting on this, Yevgeny Muraev himself noted that he is under sanctions of the Russian Federation due to a conflict with an MP from the Opposition Platform for Life, Viktor Medvedchuk. “As with the British intelligence services and the Foreign Office, this is combined with the fact that Russia allegedly wants to appoint me the head of the “occupation government” – this is a question for Mr. Bean,” he said.

CNN also recalls that the United States has previously accused Russia of recruiting current and former Ukrainian officials to try to take control of the Ukrainian government.

“Russia has directed its intelligence agencies to recruit current and former Ukrainian officials to prepare to take over the government of Ukraine and control Ukraine’s critical infrastructure with the help of Russian occupation forces,” the US Treasury Department said last Thursday during the imposition of sanctions against four Ukrainian citizens that are believed to have assisted the Russian government in destabilizing the situation in our country.

According to the US Treasury, Russia is recruiting top Ukrainian officials to gain access to sensitive information, threaten Ukraine’s sovereignty, and then use these officials to stir up unrest on the eve of a potential Russian invasion.


  1. So the British Foreign Ministry looks into Russian corruption before an invasion and the Moskali Foreign Ministry says, “…stop provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense and concentrate on studying the history of the Tatar-Mongol yoke,”
    Where’s my horilka?…

    • MI6 confirms this story. It’s all ever the Telegraph today. Kremtrolls are descending in hordes with all the same old kremkrapper talking points. I did some counter-kremtroll posts :

      EU-loving remainer halfwits are fatuously claiming that Britain leaving the EU was somehow a gift for a Russia when in fact the opposite is the case. The EU is an integrity-free pro-Russia bloc led by Russia lackey Germany and Germany’s poodle France. At least two German Chancellors in recent times : Schroeder and Merkel, are Russian agents. Merkel’s successor already looks like a chip off the same block. In addition, Hungary, Austria and Italy have repulsive Russia-friendly regimes.
      Just as in 1939, Europe is crawling politicians that are sympathetic to both far right and far left ideologies and the little poisoner is able to fully exploit that. If Boris had not defeated JeremIRA CorbLenin at the last election, we would now be hearing Kremlin talking points coming out of No 10. Luckily his successor Starmer does not share that position, although Labour’s far left is still dominated by Putin-lovers.
      In Europe, only Britain, Poland and Pribaltika have been consistently supportive of Ukraine’s terrible plight. Others are slowly starting to become more supportive of Ukraine, such as Spain and Czechia.
      Biden had to choose between Ukraine and Germany. He went with Germany and lifted his objections to NS2. He sincerely believes, like a lot of Democrats, that Germany is America’s friend, when the reality is that Germany and France hate America as much as they hate Britain. He all but abandoned a nation that admires and supports America for one that despises it.
      Biden’s feckless, rudderless leadership means that Poland and Britain need to step up to the plate. The new trilateral alliance between them and Ukraine is the way to go. Deterrence is always better than war.
      Putin’s army of conscripts, thugs and released criminals would not want to take on a determined military alliance of Britain, Poland and Ukraine and like all bullies, he would back down.

  2. What is truly disturbing, is the fact that they know all this but still neither send real arms nor throw sanctions from hell at the ruSSian shithole.

  3. So, the mafia plan is unraveling in front of us bit-by-bit.
    Of late, we have learned various things about mafia land’s intentions and so forth, but those are only things that the general public knows, and so it’s anyone’s guess what else there is that is being kept under cover. At any rate, even if there is nothing more, what mafia land has said and is doing is more than enough to warrant drastic measures to curb this shithole from unleashing a major war. What exactly is the West doing about it? This newest development MUST make it clear that, as usual, warm gusts of air won’t hinder the crime syndicate to invade.

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