Czech Defense Ministry wants to send artillery shells to Ukraine – media

The Czech Ministry of Defense seeks to support Ukraine by providing artillery munitions to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

This was reported by iROZHLAS with reference to the Speaker for the Minister of Defense, Jan Zechmeister, according to Ukrinform

The spokesperson or the Czech Defense Ministry said that the agency, in agreement with Chief of General Staff Ales Opata, would file with the government a motion to provide assistance to Ukraine next Wednesday, January 26. The plan is to hand over artillery munitions.

“It is the ammunition that has been prepared for such assistance, if approved by government. Ukraine is the Czech Republic’s historical partner with whom we are developing defense cooperation and supporting its path to democracy. Therefore, it is natural that the Defense Ministry considered assistance,” Zehmeister said.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, the Baltic states have been green-lighted by the U.S. State Department to supply American-made weapons to Ukraine.

(c) Ukrinform


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