Baltic countries with US permission to be able to supply Ukraine with Javelin FGM, Stinger MANPADS

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have received permission from the United States to transfer American Javelin FGMs and Stinger MANPADS to Ukraine, The Wall Street Journal reports, citing officials in Washington.

In addition, Washington expressed its intention to transfer five Mi-17 helicopters to Ukraine, the edition notes.

Earlier, the American media reported, citing its sources, that the State Department notified Congress of the approval of a permit for the export of American weapons to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, with the right of subsequent transfer of these weapons by these countries to Ukraine.

CNN quoted a State Department official saying that the European allies have what they need to contribute to additional security assistance to Ukraine in the coming days and weeks.

He noted that Washington is in close contact with NATO and Kyiv on this issue, including ensuring the transfer of U.S.-made weapons to Ukraine by Washington’s allies.

On Wednesday it became known that the eighth flight in the last three days to Ukraine was carried out by heavy military transport aircraft C-17A Globemaster III of the British Royal Air Force. Before that, on Monday, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace, speaking in parliament, said that the United Kingdom would supply Ukraine with anti-tank weapons.

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