Two articles from Atlantic Council

The first one, by Brian Whitmore, confirms the peril that Ukraine is in:

Ukraine faces mounting encirclement as Russian troops enter Belarus

The second one, By Christopher Skaluba and Conor Rodihan, reads like a Nato promotional piece. Self-congratulatory drivel from start to finish, it proves what it sets out to disprove : that Nato is timid, full putinoid scum and is not fit for purpose. The writers, even after all this time, STILL refer to “separatists in the east.”

The UK, US, Canada, Poland, Pribaltika and possibly a few others, need to leave Nato and form a new security pact incorporating Georgia, Moldova and possibly Turkey. Nothing with putinazi lackeys Germany, France, Italy and Hungary will EVER help Ukraine.

No consensus? No problem. Why NATO is still effective.


  1. Brian as usual offers a brilliant analysis, but does not bother to recommend solutions.
    It’s almost as if he’s given up and expects the worst.

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