Russia’s disconnection from SWIFT could destabilize background in Ukraine, – Peskov

It might even lead to civil war in this country, Putin’s spokesman said

The disconnection of Russia from SWIFT payment system could provoke destabilization of political and social background in Ukraine. Dmitriy Peskov, the press secretary of Russian president said so as cited by

Acording to Peskov, such a move could also result in “the beginning of a civil war” in Ukraine.

“All of these statements can contribute to destabilization of the situation, because they can give absolutely pardonable hopes to the ardent heads of some representatives of Ukraine, the Ukrainian leadership. The Ukrainian leadership, which may choose this moment decide to start the “civil war” in their country again and try to solve the problem of the eastern part of the country by force”, Peskov said.

According to him, the threate of Russia’s disconnection from SWIFT “will in no way contribute to the unleashing of tension that has developed in Europe”.

In December, the European Parliament passed the resolution, condemning the build-up of Russian forces next to the borders of Ukraine. In the document, the MEPs offered to impose sanctions against the Russian military, Vladimir Putin’s closest circle and Russia’s energy sector, and to disconnect Russia from SWIFT payment system – in the event of the attack on Ukraine.

SWIFT is the international interbank system of payments and passage of information. Some 11,000 organizations worldwide are connected to it. 

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  1. I rather doubt Ukraine would be worried about a civil war breaking out if Russia are removed from SWIFT. Quick question ameoba brain, what are the conditions for Russia being removed from SWIFT?

  2. “A civil war in Ukraine”. Geez this guy is a real piece of work. Biggest issue I have is you can’t fix stupid.

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