Russia will not return Crimea, sanctions only cause damage – Deputy Prime Minister of Slovakia


Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy of Slovakia Richard Sulik believes that the Russian Federation will not return the Crimea seized in 2014 to Ukraine. And sanctions against Russia only hurt its trading partners.

It is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the Slovak edition .

According to Sulik, the sanctions against Russia are a failure.

“Countries must trade with each other. And some of our exporters have suffered. Thus, the sanctions only cause damage, and the Russians will not return Crimea anyway. We need to look ahead and build relationships,” he stressed.

At the same time, he added that the tension on the eastern border of Ukraine is not conducive to improving relations with Russia.

We will remind, earlier the President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev called the Crimea allegedly Russian territory and said that the sanctions against the Russian Federation are ineffective.

This week it became known that Germany will lead one of the directions of the Crimean platform , which is responsible for the policy of non-recognition of the Russian annexation.


  1. “According to Sulik, the sanctions against Russia are a failure.”

    Sanctions are not a failure at all, the strength of them is the failure of the West. Had scum like you applied crippling sanctions 8 years ago, 14000 lives would have been saved.

    • Fucking hell, Ukraine has the shiftiest neighbours and near-neighbours. Apart from putlerstan, look at the other rabble: a coven of malignant toads: Lukashenkostan, Orbanistan, Bulgaria, Serbia and now Slovakia. Czechia is very dodgy too.

    • The biggest failure of the sanctions has been electing Bidenov who shut down American oil and gas production. He might as well have given billions and billions to Putin’s war machine.

  2. The sanctions are doing their job, albeit weakly. Had there been real, slam dunk sanctions from the start, we would see a different situation today. Who knows, there be no need for sanctions any more today. But, Europe is jam packed with pathetic imbeciles who look at money and not at all the evils that the crime syndicate has committed.

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