Chemicals leaked in Donbas, this could be reason for Russia’s invasion, – intelligence

21:31, 15 January 2022 – 112 Ukraine

Chemical pollution can lead to an ecological disaster in the east of our state

Toxic substances leaked into the air from ammonia tanks in the occupied Horlivka. This case can be used as a pretext for expanding armed aggression against Ukraine, as the press center of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine reported.

“On January 14, tanks with ammonia were delivered to the occupied Horlivka at PJSC Stirol Concern, from which poisonous substances leaked into the air. The man-made disaster caused by the actions of militants can be used to accuse Ukraine of using toxic chemicals and as an excuse to expand armed aggression against our state,” the message reads.

It is noted that chemical pollution can lead to an environmental disaster in the east of our state.

Yyesterday, American intelligence announced that the Russian Federation is preparing a special operation in Donbass to create a pretext for the invasion. It is noted that Russia has already prepared a group of operatives for this special task. They also have evidence that Russia has taught militants in Donbas how to fight in urban areas and how to use explosives to carry out acts of sabotage.

Earlier, Bloomberg, citing satellite images studied by the defense intelligence company Janes, reported that Russia continues to build up military forces near the border with Ukraine.

At the same time, it became known that the European Commission had already prepared sanctions against Russia in the event of its invasion of Ukraine.

The New York Times also reported that Russia is deploying military helicopters to the Ukrainian borders. At the same time, the drawdown of Russian troops slowed down.

Russia, in turn, assured the United States at the talks in Geneva that it does not plan to invade Ukraine and sees no reason for escalation.


  1. Didn’t we report on a couple unknown chemical cylinders a few days ago? It looks like American intel could be right. I’m sure the Moskali will come up with something absurd.

  2. God almighty, there is nothing that the putinazis won’t stoop to.
    Toxic ammonia is an analogue of the putler murder gang’s filthy, poisonous ideology.

  3. “Russia, in turn, assured the United States at the talks in Geneva that it does not plan to invade Ukraine and sees no reason for escalation.”
    I hope that the sleepy administration will assume the opposite!

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