The United States calculated the amount of emergency aid to Ukraine in the event of an attack by the Russian Federation

The United States will continue to provide active security assistance to Ukraine in the future.The United States provides emergency assistance to Ukraine / photo ua.depositphotos.comUSA provides emergency assistance to Ukraine / photo ua.

The United States has developed the “Act on the Protection of the Sovereignty of Ukraine”, according to which it is planned to provide Ukraine with 500 million dollars as additional emergency assistance in case of an invasion of the Russian Federation .

This was reported by the  press service of US Senator Jean Sheikhin.

The document notes that the United States will continue to provide Ukraine with active security assistance.

“The legislation calls on the Ministry of Defense and the State Administration to speed up the transfer of defense items to strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities and authorizes the allocation of US $ 500 million as additional emergency assistance to Ukraine in the event of a repeated Russian invasion,” the document reads.

Also, $ 3 million will be allocated for international military and educational training.

“We need legislation that would address the political situation we face today in response to the intensification of Russian aggression. The dynamics have changed, as well as our strategy,” Senator Sheikhin explained.

(c)UNIAN 2022


  1. So it is true. We are no longer a superpower. We lost our status economically to China and militarily to RuSSia. Time we denuclearize and dissolve our way too expensive military for good. Give our GI’s pink bikinis and tell them to run when Putin or the taliban arrive. I rest my case.

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  2. Only boneheads would waste time calculating something like that. Top priority would be getting essential things together to send immediately and worry about the costs later or what else is needed. I fear that we are following the footsteps of the bumbling Europeans instead of Reagan. We are being lethargic, confused and do things backwards. The enemy is at the gates and the pencil pushers are calculating. You can’t make this up.

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  3. Such calculations are meaningless. War expends munitions at a greater rate than is anticipated, and always has. Start moving the aid now, before it is needed, or it won’t be needed for long.


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