Kanye West wants to come to Russia and meet with Putin

Russia will become a second home for him, says the rapper’s spokesman.In 2020, West participated in the presidential elections in the United States / photo ua.depositphotos.comIn 2020, West participated in the presidential elections in the United States / photo ua. depositphotos.com

Popular American rapper  Kanye West wants to come to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

His partner Amir Sadan told about this in an interview with Billboard . 

According to him, Russia will become a “second home” for the rapper, where he will spend a lot of time. 

Kanye West also wants to host the Sunday Service show in Moscow for the first time, which is a hybrid of a concert and a church service. He plans to invite the President of the Russian Federation to the show as a special guest.

Shows can be held in spring or summer, depending on the rapper’s schedule.

According to the newspaper, West wants to agree on cooperation with an entrepreneur of Azerbaijani origin Aras Agalarov and his son Emin.

In November 2021, West described himself as “young Putin” during an interview for the Drink Champs podcast.

“Gap, adidas – I rule them. I am Putin … I am young Putin. I realized that I am like Vladimir when I realized that culture is oil, culture is energy. And I am the king of culture in the last 20 years and (will them) for the next 2000 years, “he said. 

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  1. This motherfucker unfortunately has shitloads of followers on social media. Cretins for putler. A rancid new alliance of gangsta rappers, white supremacists, Marxists, Trump lovers and assorted other scum is still expanding.
    Isn’t there a law in America where promoting a fascist dictatorship is illegal? The last time I visited the States, I seem to remember I signed a declaration that I am not and never was a supporter of the nazis?

  2. Another shithead for the shithole.

    Another one who isn’t too choosy when it comes to age and sex.

    Another cunt who thinks he is something special.

    When will gullible fools wake up and realise these parasites contribute nothing.

  3. Unfortunately, Kanye suffers from bipolar disorder. This means he frequently has irrational thoughts or ideas, and sometimes acts impulsively according to those. Later after doing whatever irrational impulsive thing they’d randomly thought of, they’d probably regret it if it was something especially stupid. When he tried running for President of the United States, for example, it was VERY late into the running for primaries, and he barely had time to get certified as a candidate. So he got maybe a couple thousand votes out of all the tens of millions who voted. In that case, I think his heart was in the right place, but he didn’t realize it couldn’t work for him as a “candidate.” I think this is something he will again regret later.

  4. My ex-girlfriend has bipolar like Kanye does. Once, I actually saw her hurl an ice cream cone at a fast food clerk, just because she didn’t get what she wanted. Then after she’d calmed down about 15 minutes later, she was insistent on wanting to go back so she could profusely apologize. This, even though she’s very regular about her medication to settle her emotions. Bipolar tends towards extreme anxiety, manic excitement, and VERY depressed lows. The portrayal of “Babyface” in the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou,” is actually a good example of the emotional difficulty many bipolar people go through. I say this not to justify an extremely bad behavior, but to help people understand why Kanye might not have been thinking very clearly when he talked about moving to Russia.

  5. “Russia will become a second home for him…”
    No, he should stay in mafia land it should become his only home. We have more than enough morons here.

    • He would be made to feel right at home in Muscovy. In 2014 he was admitted to hospital with mental health problems, hallucinations and paranoia. Sounds like a perfect Russkie to me, and when he fucks off to Muscovy, please take his awful family with him.

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