Ukrainian law enforcement officers will increase their salaries thanks to a successful special operation

In Ukraine, in February, the salaries of law enforcement officers will be increased. This was announced by the Minister of Internal Affairs Denis Monastyrsky.
According to him, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy instructed the government to increase salaries to employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of all categories by 10% starting from February 1. This will affect not only police officers, but also rescuers, border guards, national guardsmen and workers of the migration service.
In the state budget for 2022, an additional 2.8 billion hryvnia is provided to increase salaries for law enforcement officers. Of these, 1 billion hryvnia was allocated for the salaries of the police.
“We managed to obtain funds for such an increase in wages thanks to the special operation“ Excise ”. On my instructions, it began against the illegal sale of excisable goods on November 1 of last year. This, according to the State Border Service, in the last two months of 2021 alone provided an additional UAH 2.3 billion, ”Denis Monastyrsky said.
In addition, the right of police officers and rescuers to preferential financial leasing for housing will be renewed from February.


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