American reconnaissance aircraft monitors the coast of Crimea and Georgia (updated)

American aviation continues to control the situation in the Black Sea region.

This afternoon, a Bombardier Challenger 650, equipped with the latest Artemis reconnaissance system, is flying over the occupied Crimea and central regions of Georgia .

At about 11 am the plane took off from the Romanian airbase Mihail Kogalniceanu, which is near Constanta. Moving at an altitude of more than 11 km and a speed of 700 km per hour, the scout passed along the coast of Crimea, the cities of the aggressor country – Novorossiysk and Sochi and, entering the airspace of Georgia, made several passes over the outskirts of the Georgian capital – Tbilisi.

Now the plane continues to scan the Crimean coast.

Artemis is the latest American reconnaissance and targeting system deployed in a small twin-engined business jet. The system’s ultra-sensitive sensors detect camouflaged headquarters and bases that are inaccessible to detection by conventional reconnaissance means.

UPDATED at 17:45. Ve black to replace the American aircraft came Great Britain. At 17:30 a British reconnaissance aircraft Boeing RC-135W passed over Odessa to conduct a night reconnaissance of the occupied Crimea.


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