Academy City Technopark to be created in Kyiv

Science Park in Amsterdam. Photo for illustration

The Academy City Science and Technology Park is planned to be opened in Kyiv, the Kyiv City State Administration reports.

The Innovation Park is created so that students, graduate students and young scientists can collaborate with business projects to create and disseminate innovations in Ukraine.

The next stage is the signing of a Memorandum between the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Kyiv City State Administration on the establishment of a science and technology park in the Sviatoshynskyi district of the capital. A group of specialized specialists is already working on the project.

The capital has long needed its capital’s Adlershof, which will become a powerful center of innovation and investment. It will compete successfully with existing commercial projects of technology parks, ”said Oleksiy Kuleba, First Deputy Head of the Kyiv City State Administration for Self-Government Powers.

Academ.City plans to follow the example of the Adlershof technopark in Germany. His discovery has already been discussed with a representative of Adlershof.

About Adlershof

The Berlin Adlershof Technopark is a world-famous science town in Germany. With a developed infrastructure, 16 research institutes, a thousand technology companies, support for various startups and innovations, which employs more than 22 thousand employees of companies and research institutions and enrolls about 6.5 thousand students.


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