From the FB page: British Ukrainian Aid

Jan 9, 2022

SayNOtoPutin protest in front of the Russian Embassy in London today demanding from Russia

  • to withdraw their troops from eastern Ukraine
  • to return Crimea to Ukraine
  • to pay compensation for all losses which Ukraine suffered as the result of the invasion since 2014

Protesters call the world leaders and politicians to
1) support Ukraine’s NATO membership as a matter of urgency;
2) provide military support including deployment of ships and closing the sky to Russian aviation;
3) open NATO countries consulates in Mariupol and Odesa;
4) suspend Russia from SWIFT;
5) stop energy exports from Russia;
6) halt Nord Stream 2 certification process immediately;
7) impose sanctions on companies involved in construction of Nord Stream 2;
8 ) freeze the assets of Putin and his inner circle and members of their families in NATO countries;
9) annul their visas;
10) issue no visas to any Russian civil servants;
11) sanction the Kremlin business sponsors and enablers in the West;
12) suspend Russia from OSCE;
13) suspend Russia from the Council of Europe;
14) suspend Russia from Interpol;
15) deprive Russia of its UN veto rights.




RussiaInvadedUkraine in 2014


Make #UkraineNATOmember


  1. I cannot see anything controversial about the above. It seems to me to be a perfectly natural and humanitarian way to help Ukraine and respond to a murderous fascist dictatorship.
    So why the fuck can’t all these things get done?

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  2. I bring up the definition of separatism as far as I understand it, as to those Ukrainians who are separatists, and/or want Russia there, my answer for them is simple. Leave Ukraine and live in Russia. Presumably a separatist should feel happy with living in Russia if they want that kremlin turd in charge? Why should all of Ukraine bend over for a smaller part of the population if it should be obvious that Moscow doesn’t care for the concerns of Ukrainian citizens? Or is moving really more inconvenient for them than full-scale invasion? I suggest that patriotic Ukrainians would probably find this helpful against Russian pressure.

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