GPF. Geopolitical Futures

By Lemuel Chyme, of the Palookaville Free Press. Jan 8, 2022

I received an article from a friend with a link to an article in the above publication; fronted up as “US geopolitical commentators.” It’s a highly professional looking site, mainly available by sub only.

US geopolitical commentators? I don’t think so! The owner is a Hungarian named George Friedman and he employs a filthy putinoid skank named Ekaterina Zolotova.

Kremlin fuckery takes many forms:

From the out and out nazi stuff: you can always tell them; they use terms like “Kiev nazis” when referring to the Ukrainian govt, despite the fact that the Ukrainian president is Jewish. The old Lenin/Bolshevik doctrine is to accuse your victims of what you are and what you do. (It is Kyiv not Kiev btw: the latter is a Russian transliteration). RT/Sputnik are good examples.

To the more subtle stuff; like this one. You can always identify them because they say things like “Ukraine means borderland” (it doesn’t) and “Ukraine is a buffer state” (it isn’t). In fact Kyiv is a magnificent Christian city that was flourishing when Moscow (ie Muscovy) was just a swamp. The Moskals, which is what Russians really are, took the name Russia from the Kyivan Rus; the predecessor of Ukraine. The founder of Kyiv was named Kyi.

Jews are a spectacularly smart tribe. I am very, very pro-Jewish, but when they turn bad, they are really bad. Eg Robert Maxwell; aka Jan Hoch, his horrible daughter Ghislaine and her fiend boyfriend Jeff Epstein. Not to forget Putin’s bag man; Roman Abramovich. (A disproportionate number of Kremlin poisoning and defenestration victims actually are Jewish btw). Russia is the most anti-Semitic country in the world outside the muslim majority countries. Abramovich is literally a Jewish collaborator with a regime that is nazi in all but name.

Most Jews hate Russia: for very good reasons : who ever heard of a Jew emigrating into Russia? Immigration is strictly one way. But some; a tiny minority, chose to collaborate; usually for money. The Kremlin buys influence everywhere. Jewish oligarchs like Abramovich are in reality simply custodians of Russian money. 

So beware when you see seemingly innocent sites that masquerade as even-handed, when further examination proves clearly it’s something they are not. 

Hopefully people will soon be able to see the corrosive effects of putinazi propaganda? Its budget runs into many $billions, is weaponised and in fact is considered an extension of the military. This was confirmed by the malevolent editor in chief of RT: Margarita Simonyan.

Putin learned from Goebbells that when you repeat lies over and over again they eventually become truth. In fact he counts on it. His “subjects” are literally brainwashed.

The site; EU vs Kremlin disinfo, is superb, but it has a minuscule budget, which probably reflects the fact that the EU itself is crawling with Putin-lovers. Budget needs to be increased by a factor of 100.

The article published today in UT entitled “The Collective Putin and the Collective West”, is a contribution from a brilliant Jewish Englishman who is much more representative of a tribe which is overall indisputably a force for good in the world : James Sherr. He understands the Putin regime very well indeed. Western leaders should listen to him.


    • Nice article Sir Scradge, you are a warrior for Ukraine and for freedom and justice. I run across many Putinazis too, they are usually the ones justifying Putin’s invasions by masking them as protection. You have to be sick to frame a foreign invasion as defensive in nature.

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      • Thank you for your kind comment redders old chap. I use open sources to try to investigate when something seems smelly.
        One I am particularly proud of is my rebuttal to a bbc piece sent to me by the same friend* last year. He had a somewhat negative view of Ukrainian women, purely from reading articles like this. I was able to put a much more fair perspective on the story, just by doing a bit of simple research. You can see it here:

        * my friend was living in Australia at the time. Although its govt is pro-Ukraine, its media contains more than its fair share of anti-Ukraine stuff.

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