Russian MP wished women in Kazakhstan to be “raped”

After the scandal on the network, the Russian edited the message and began to make excuses.Matveychev calls the protesters "terrorists" / ScreenshotMatveychev calls the protesters “terrorists” / Screenshot

Oleg Matveychev, a deputy from the ruling United Russia party, wished all sorts of troubles to the protesters in Kazakhstan who oppose the political influence of Nursultan Nazarbayev.

He wrote about this on Facebook .

Matveychev said that all the owners of mobile phone shops in Almaty, who wrote in social networks, “when will Nazarbayev leave,” “must suffer.”

“They should be robbed. The women should be raped, the car should be burned, and a stick for a selfie should be shoved in the ***,” the Russian deputy

In the comments to the post, Matveychev recalled the history of the occupation of the USSR, during which the country’s intellectuals “demanded at rallies the destruction of the USSR and the death of the party nomenklatura,” and then allegedly “stood and sold cigarettes in the crossings.”

After that, the Russian edited the post, justifying the aggression by allegedly drawing attention to the “problem.” The deputy later added that it was “extremists” who were raping women.  

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. Occasionally the putler murder gang reveal themselves for what they actually are : nazis.
    I’m sure this piece of shit speaks for all of them.

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    • Yes, here you have your average Moskali openly saying what they all think. Their answer to every problem is kidnap, beat, torture and put a broom stick up their asses for a few days. And these….animals…have a veto at the UN. If a Martian dropped by today and I told him that he would say, “What the hell?!”

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  2. This message should be made available to the Kazakh people so that they know exactly what sort of “peacekeepers” have been sent to their country and what sort of filth their own politicians really are by asking for mafia help. But, I’m sure most are already aware of this, although the message of this piece of shit will substantiate these facts.

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