Merry Christmas 2022: beautiful greetings, pictures and videos

07:00, 07.01.22 – Christina Kaschavtseva – UNIAN

We have collected the best Merry Christmas 2022 greetings in this article.

On January 7, Orthodox Christians celebrate the Nativity of Christ – the greatest church holiday. By tradition, on this day, the whole family gathers at the table, treats themselves to meat, fish and Christmas kutya. UNIAN offers to send cards with Christmas to your son, daughter or any other close person.

Earlier, we talked about what the New Year’s weekend will be in 2021-2022.

Merry Christmas – pictures and congratulations

Christmas 2022 /

Christmas 2022 /

On the bright holiday of Christmas

I wish everyone well

Happiness, good health,

Live in your soul with great love,

So that relatives are nearby,

They surrounded you with warmth,

Peace, light, magic,

Life to be fabulous!Postcards Merry Christmas /

Postcards Merry Christmas /

Merry Christmas! On this bright holiday, I wish you peace and goodness, love and happiness, prosperity, success and good health. Let the guardian angel protect you and your loved ones from all troubles, and faith, peace and grace will reign in your soul. Happy Christmas!


May the Lord protect

You every day and every hour,

Let him help in all matters

And may he always keep you!

So that there is comfort, peace in the house,

And loved ones are healthy

I congratulate you with all my heart

I am Merry Christmas!How to wish Merry Christmas /

How to wish Merry Christmas /

Merry Christmas! This is the most wonderful and magical day of the year. Let the bright holiday fill the house with warmth and joy, loved ones will always be healthy and happy! May everyone’s heart be filled with peace and goodness on this bright day!


On a wonderful holiday of Christmas

I want to wish you well

More magic in life

Good luck, happiness and warmth!

Your Angel may keep you

From all diseases and adversity,

May the Lord protect you

From grief and worries!Touching congratulations on the holiday /

Touching congratulations on the holiday /

On this wonderful day, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and wish that there will always be a place for miracles and faith in magic in your life. Let even the wildest desires come true, let luck accompany all your affairs, and let your head sometimes spin with success. Live life to the fullest and start every day with a smile!


Quiet on Christmas Eve

Magic steps into the world:

A fairy tale goes home

Looking into our dreams.

The Nativity of Christ gives

Joy and peace to the heart.

And the hope that shines

We are a Christmas star.

On this holiday, I wish

Happiness to everyone, love, kindness.

Will bring us peace and joy

May the birth of Christ.Beautiful wishes for the holiday /

Beautiful wishes for the holiday /

Today is a bright, good holiday! I want to wish everyone on this day that goodness always lives in your hearts, that your souls are warmed with love. Let the Angels cover you with their wings, protecting you from all troubles, hardships and sorrows, keep you and your loved ones from sickness and evil. Light and peace to you! Merry Christmas!


The star of goodness and magic was lit up –

Merry Holy Christmas.

May God keep and people help,

Let the starlight in the soul not fade away

May the house be full of happiness and wealth.

Love, health, peace! Merry Christmas!Congratulations on the holiday of Christmas /

Congratulations on the holiday of Christmas /

I wish you a Merry Christmas and sincerely wish you a reliable bright angel behind your back, good hope and happiness in your heart, prosperity and good luck on your way, love and understanding in your family, kindness and peace in your home. May God protect you and your loved ones.


  1. Sorry the cards are Russian, it seems like you know who might have really bought UNIAN…but…Merry Orthodox Christmas to everyone! May God defend and protect Ukraine when it seems like nobody else is.
    Slava Ukraini~~!!

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