Britain is working with partners on serious sanctions against the financial sector of the Russian Federation

Restrictive measures can be introduced in the event of an intensification of Russian aggression against Ukraine.Britain stressed that Russia is the aggressor, and NATO has always been a defensive alliance / photo REUTERSBritain stressed that Russia is the aggressor, and NATO has always been a defensive alliance / photo REUTERS

Britain has warned Moscow that it is working with Western partners on serious sanctions against the Russian financial sector in the event of increased aggression against Ukraine.

This was stated by Elizabeth Truss, Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development of Great Britain, Voice of America reports .

“We will not reconcile with Russia’s campaign to destabilize neighboring democracies. It falsely positions Ukraine as a threat to justify its aggressive position,” Truss said.

She stressed that Russia is the aggressor, recalling that NATO has always been a defensive alliance.

Truss said the Russian invasion of Ukraine would have “massive consequences, including coordinated sanctions, that would seriously harm Russia’s interests and economy.”

“The UK is working with our partners on these sanctions, including highly effective measures against the Russian financial sector and individuals,” Truss said.

Recall that on January 4, Ukrainian Foreign Ministers Dmitry Kuleba and Britain’s Elizabeth Truss coordinated their positions before talks with Russia in various formats next week on security issues in Europe during a telephone conversation.

“Truss pledged Ukraine’s unshakable support  in countering Russian armed aggression and noted its adherence to the principle of “no decisions about Ukraine without Ukraine.”

She also informed about London’s approaches to the Russia-NATO talks and consultations with the EU on new tough sanctions to deter Russia from further aggression.

The European Union and the United States have repeatedly announced the preparation of serious sanctions against the Russian Federation in the event of an increase in aggression against Ukraine.

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  1. Britain could set a positive example by confiscating mafia assets and sending them to Ukraine. This alone would put incredible pressure on the little mafia rodent.

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