Russia has deployed units that fought in Crimea and Donbass to Kazakhstan – InformNapalm

The aggressor actively engages such military personnel for “peacekeeping tasks.”Russian military / illustration REUTERSRussian military / illustration REUTERS

The airborne special forces of the RF Armed Forces, which Russia transferred to Kazakhstan , participated in the seizure of Crimea and in hostilities in the Donbass.

This was reported by the volunteer project InformNapalm .

READ ALSONo more, no less: the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Kiev named the number of the CSTO military deployedIn accordance with the decision of the CSTO Collective Security Council, adopted on January 6, 2022, “peacekeeping forces” were sent to the Republic of Kazakhstan. Subdivisions of the Russian Federation form the basis.

Earlier, the media reported that the Russian Federation is sending military to Kazakhstan from: 

  • 45th separate special-purpose brigade of the Airborne Forces;
  • 98th Airborne Division;
  • troops of the Senezh Special Forces Center of the Russian Federation. 

“According to the investigations of the international intelligence community InformNapalm, all these units of the Russian Federation took part in the aggression against Ukraine,” InformNapalm reported. 

We are talking about both the seizure of Crimea and the hostilities in the Donbass.

“98th Airborne Division (military unit 65451). Servicemen of the 217th airborne regiment (military unit 62295) and the 331st airborne regiment (military unit 71211) were spotted from the division in Ukraine”, – volunteers inform.

In particular, InformNapalm reminds that the officer of the 45th Airborne Regiment, which was later deployed to a brigade, in the early 2000s was Igor Girkin (Strelkov), known from the events in Donbass,

“It is interesting that the Russian Federation is actively using servicemen from the units that took part in the hybrid aggression against Ukraine to carry out“ peacekeeping tasks ”and international exercises abroad,” the volunteers note. 

In particular, such “peacekeepers” were recorded in Nagorno-Karabakh and Belarus. 

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Recall that on January 6, the Collective Security  Treaty Organization (CSTO) sent a contingent to Kazakhstan . The advanced units of the Russian military have already begun their missions in this country. 

At the same time, the Kyrgyz authorities  refused to use their troops  against protesters in Kazakhstan.

“Gas” protests in Kazakhstan – what is known

From the beginning of 2022  , mass unrest began throughout Kazakhstan , provoked by an increase in fuel prices. The start was made by the city of Zhanaozen, famous for the events of 2011, when the police opened fire on protesters. Initially, peaceful demonstrations with economic demands gradually escalated into violent confrontations with government officials, and social issues were replaced by demands for political change. 

On the night of January 4-5, the  protest became radicalized and led to clashes , pogroms of shops and banks, seizure and destruction of state institutions – the city hall of Almaty and the former residence of the president of the country were burned, as well as shooting at security officials from service weapons taken during the protests.

In response to the actions of the street, Kazakh President  Tokayev dismissed the government , removed his predecessor Nursultan Nazarbayev (who had held the post since 1991) as head of the Security Council, and promised to satisfy some of the activists’ demands. After the radicalization of the protest movement, Tokayev announced that he would act harshly, introduced an emergency situation throughout the country, and then called for help from the CSTO allies. 

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