Russia broke its promise to the world on Ukraine

In 1994, Russia signed the Budapest Memorandum, which promised never to act with hostility against Ukraine and guaranteed Ukraine its sovereignty as Ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal (the third largest in the world).

Russia broke its promise to the world. Is there any way we can trust what the Russian say again?

Putin requests a written document that Ukraine will never be allowed to join NATO and that the alliance’s military equipment will not be positioned in Ukraine.

This is Putin’s plan to cripple NATO and the Western allies’ ability to protect Ukraine’s sovereignty.

The mistake of the past is the West trusted the Russians. We have tolerated and ignored the Russian’s aggression against Ukraine and against our democracy for a long time.

Now is the time for the Western allies and NATO to stop the Russians from threatening us again. By fixing these mistakes we need to stand together and stand very firmly and take concrete action this time.


  1. “Russia broke its promise to the world. Is there any way we can trust what the Russian say again?”

    The author is correct, but that also applies to the US and UK which also signed the agreement.

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  2. In a court of law, it would not only be mafia land who must face charges but us and the UK too. We have utterly failed to hold up our part of the bargain. Seeing what happened with Ukraine and the Budapest Memorandum, no other nuclear power will ever be convinced to follow Ukraine’s footsteps by surrendering their nuclear arsenal for a piece of worthless toilet paper.

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