Ukraine: Cats and dogs join troops in trenches near border with Russia

From the frontline between civilised Ukraine and a part of Ukraine occupied by savages.


  1. I feel sorry for all the homeless dogs and cats. I always try to feed them when I’m out and about, and I’ve donated money to animal help organizations. In the case of frontline dogs and cats, they are exposed to the destructiveness of human behavior. This article surprises me, for I always thought that they would flee an area where shooting is happening. I know that many are very sensitive to even firecrackers and such.

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    • I saw a piece on FB called “we will win because we are kind.” It was a series of touching photos of the frontline men and women with their faithful friends who stick with them through thick and thin.
      A Russian would think nothing of strapping an explosive on a dog (or a person of course) and using him to kill Ukrainians.
      Ukrainians would not do that. That’s the difference between civilisation and savagery.

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      • Now that you’ve mentioned it, Scradge, I know that Ruskies trained dogs for war during WWII. They would feed them only beneath tanks until the dogs got used to it. On the front lines, they would strap explosives on the dogs- hungry dogs – and send them on their way to the German lines, where “dinner” was waiting underneath a P-IV or Tiger.

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