Military equipment was brought to the streets of Kazakhstan, they opened fire on the crowd with rubber bullets

The police are trying to disperse the protesters from the streets.Shots are heard in the released footage, the streets are covered with smoke / photo: REUTERSShots are heard in the released footage, the streets are covered with smoke / photo: REUTERS

A video appeared on the network showing how Kazakhstani police opened fire towards the protesters with rubber bullets.

The corresponding videos were published by the Telegram channel Mash .

In the footage released to the public, shots are heard and shouts of “Fire!” The streets are covered with smoke.

In addition, military equipment was brought to the streets of Almaty. The published footage shows the cars turning around and driving from the city center, followed by a crowd of protesters.

Let us remind you that mass protests are taking place in Kazakhstan today  . People went to rallies in many cities, demanding the resignation of the government. Protests are taking place in Zhanaozen, Kurik, Akshukur and other settlements. The largest is in Aktau, where the shift workers came on foot from the Kalamkas field. 

People block roads, security forces try to stop protesters, fights break out. 

The President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, introduced a state of emergency (ES) in Almaty and in the Mangistau region from January 5 to 19.

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  1. The British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen created a character called “Borat” for his TV series. Unfortunately it took off and he made several Hollywood movies of this offensive character. The character is horribly anti-Semitic, passive-aggressive, gauche and irritating, but undeniably funny. But for reasons known only to Cohen, he portrayed Borat as a Kazakh, despite them being Asiatic in appearance and Borat sounding and looking like a Russian. Therefore due to the success of these movies, the public have an impression of Kazakhs being arseholes, when the character would have full credibility as a Russian. No doubt Cohen factored in the likelihood of putler sending out his goons to do a spot of poisoning, so decided to insult Kazakhs instead.
    It’s time the Kazakhs were treated with more respect. It’s an important, gas rich country ruled by a filthy dictator on the putler business model and entirely subservient to the tiny poisoner.
    I hope they can remove themselves completely from the orbit of putlerstan.

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    • Apparently he chose Kazakhstan as he thought not many people had heard of it, he used Polish he had learnt, like most of us, from Polish friends. Filmed in Bulgaria or Romania.

      According to my Father, who lived in Almaty at the time, most Kazakhs were not impressed by how they were portrayed.

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    • I think that only ignorant people will see Cohen’s spoof in a more serious light than in the comical manner that Borat was displayed. I saw all the foolishness in the character Borat himself, instead of an entire country and its people. To me, he is very funny in those movies and exhibits a very different form of humor that sets him apart from other comedians.

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      • Have to disagree there facts. The public are not well informed about Kazakhstan. Borat presents them as generic Eastern European types when they are Central Asians. They don’t look like him, they don’t think like him and therefore are being insulted grievously. The only people who bear any resemblance to Borat are Russians and Iranians. If Sacha had had the guts to make Borat Russian or Iranian, the character would have been hilarious because it would be an absolutely accurate portrayal of very stupid and sinister people. I have Welsh blood. If he’d made Borat a Welsh stereotype, I might have been only mildly offended. If he had made him French, I would have been happy because I hold them all in contempt. But a Russian Borat would be a true documentary, not a comedy.

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      • Borat is part of a certain genre, like Al Bundy and Scary Movie. In this genre anybody gets insulted, racism, sexism and all that included. I think most people won’t feel offended. BTW, i think he’s a jew. So his ‘anti-semitic’ parodies could hardly be offensive towards jews. He’s playing with stereotypes, in a very rough manner, that’s all.

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        • He is an observant Jew. So he has a responsibility not to portray harmless people as Jew-haters. If he portrays Russians or Iranians as Jew-haters, he is simply being honest and correct. Instead he prefers to smear Kazakhs as Jew-haters, which is an obscene allegation to make.

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          • It’s comedy. I think you are too sensitive in this regard. Btw, half of the kazakhs are muslim, and anti-semitism among muslims is not uncommon although rather rare in former soviet states.

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  2. Could it be that the Kazakhs are starting their own version of Euromaidan? Could this splash cold water on mafia plans to invade Ukraine? We’ll see…

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