UZ received five luxury cars from a Ukrainian manufacturer (photo)

JSC Ukrzaliznytsia accepted a batch of 5 luxury passenger cars manufactured by the Kryukivka Carriage Building Plant in Kremenchug and purchased at the expense of the state budget.

The company stated that these are the first JI cars received by Ukrzaliznytsia from a domestic manufacturer under the Large Construction program.

In total, KVBZ has so far delivered 20 new passenger cars to the company under the program, all previous batches consisted of compartment cars.

“This is the 20th car we have received from KVBZ. This is ahead of schedule, as we planned to receive 10 cars only by the end of January. As you know, under the program “Large Construction” we have a contract for 100 new sleeping cars with a Ukrainian manufacturer. We will receive all these cars by the middle of next year, and they will go on new routes. The first 10 cars went on the route Mariupol-Rakhiv, the second batch will go today on the route Kyiv-Uzhgorod “, – said the chairman of the board of UZ Alexander Kamyshin.


Thus, 5 JI cars from the new batch, as well as 5 compartment cars received earlier, left for the first flight on December 30 as part of the train №299 Kyiv-Uzhhorod. According to Oleksandr Pertsovskyi, the head of the UZ passenger vertical, the seats in the new compartment cars of this train were sold out a few days after the opening of sales.

“Today, all compartments have been sold out, and now passengers are buying seats in luxury cars,” Pertsovsky said before the train left.

UZ clarified that the advantages of the new cars include increased luggage space, video surveillance systems in the common areas of the cars, changing tables, sockets and USB ports near each bed, as well as a modern air conditioning system.


Prospects for new orders

According to the president of KVBZ Volodymyr Prykhodko, the plant expects not only to build the announced 100 cars by the middle of 2022, but also to take part in the next tenders of UZ.

“We put 10 cars above the plan because we understood that it is very important to prove ourselves ahead of the budget for 2022, which determines the prospects and order of ordering new passenger cars in addition to the first hundred, which we must complete in mid-2022. We understood that the deputies are closely monitoring the development of the program. We hope that you will like our cars and soon UZ will announce a tender for a contract for the construction of the next hundred cars, “said Prykhodko.

In total, according to Kamyshin, UZ intends to upgrade the passenger fleet with 500 new cars over the next three years, while the company needs more than 1,500 cars.



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