Ukraine, UK coordinate positions amid Russian aggression


Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba and UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss have coordinated in a phone call the positions of both countries against the background of Russia’s aggressive actions, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has said.


“The Ukrainian and British foreign policy chiefs coordinated the positions of Ukraine and Britain against the background of aggressive actions by the Russian Federation and diplomatic talks to be held in various formats in the coming weeks by NATO, OSCE and the EU,” the statement said.


Truss assured Kuleba of the UK’s unwavering support for Ukraine in countering Russia’s armed aggression, emphasizing the commitment to the principle of “no decisions about Ukraine without Ukraine.”


She also briefed Kuleba on London’s approaches to Russia-NATO talks and consultations with the European Union on new tough sanctions to deter Russia from further aggression.


“Together we are confidently moving towards the implementation of a comprehensive package, offered by Ukraine in November, to deter Russia from a new wave of war in Europe. The deterrence package includes political, economic and security levels. I am grateful to the United Kingdom for its leading role in this process,” Kuleba said.


Both ministers also discussed preparations for the NATO summit to be held in Madrid this June.


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  1. The RAF has 7 squadrons of multi-role Typhoons. It would be a great equaliser for Ukraine if we sent two squadrons to Ukraine, plus send one of our two carriers to the sea of Marmaris.

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