AvtoKrAZ is hiring and raising salaries


Ukrainian manufacturer of trucks “AvtoKrAZ” due to increased production began to recruit staff and is ready to pay them a salary of 15-25 thousand hryvnia.

This was stated by the general director of the enterprise Roman Chernyak, reports the  National Industrial Portal  with reference to  CTS .

“Like all enterprises in the industry, we face the problem of lack of qualified personnel. Due to the increase in production, according to the plan for 2022, we began to recruit specialists in various specialties: metal welders, painters, machine operators and locksmiths, “he said.

Chernyak also added that the company is looking for employees for new specialties, which were not available at the plant before – specialists in 3D modeling, programmers, operators of large powerful electronic systems.

“Our task is to produce not just cars, but high-quality cars that would compete with foreign counterparts. Quality and people are what we need. People want a competitive salary and we are going for it. We are ready to pay 15, 20-25 thousand hryvnias to specialists of new specialties, to those who will come to work for us, ”the general director of the enterprise emphasized.

KrAZ trucks for the UN. Photo: autokraz.com.ua

Chernyak says the company is ready to pay higher wages to all employees from January 1.

“It will rise to the level of the average salary in the field of mechanical engineering, the average salary in the city,” he concluded.

Latest news of AvtoKrAZ PJSC

We will remind, earlier we wrote that the plant began production of products earlier not peculiar to it, for example, the geolocation trailer for the Ferrexpo company .

“We are exploring new markets and new product niches that we did not have before: from the production of geolocation trailers for Ferrexpo to new types of cranes and firefighting equipment. In addition, the company takes an active part in tenders and procurement conducted in Ukraine for the utilities, military and commercial structures, “- said then CEO of” AvtoKrAZ “Roman Chernyak.

Photo: Kremenchug newspaper

” We are forming a portfolio of orders for 2022 and see a total of up to 1,000 cars of various models and modifications per year,” he added.

In September, AvtoKrAZ developed a geolocation trailer for the control system of unmanned trucks operating in Ferrexpo quarries.

Photo: AvtoKrAZ

In addition, the plant recently received an order to manufacture five municipal vehicles for the Poltava region.

Prior to that, we wrote that the State Special Transport Service held a tender and ordered two KrAZ Cougar armored vehicles from PJSC AvtoKrAZ .


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