How the British left responds to Russian fascist-imperialism.

Firstly, the JeremIRA CorbLenin wing of the UK Labour Party. Warning : it is putrid putlerite excrement.

Secondly, the Kier Starmer wing. This one makes some good points until it tapers off to oblivion at the end.

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Finally, a doom-laden piece from Bloomberg by a right wing commentator. It’s a grim read. God willing, the writer will be proved wrong.


      • If China would attack imperial Taiwan they would go downe under crushing economic sanctions, same can be said about RuSSia concerning Ukraine. Yet RuSSia and China are one beast with two heads, time to show them where enough is enough. Free people are always stronger than slaves. And i’m saying this as a man who’s ancestors were slavers. The desire to be free is a horrible beast that subhumans fear more than anything. Then add courage.

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      • It does smell better facts.
        Of course we can’t help reflecting that the rodent fuhrer would not even been considering a further invasion if the Budapest signatories had properly armed and fortified Ukraine.
        Israel; also threatened by savages, but of a much more puny magnitude, has less than one fifth of Ukraine’s population, yet receives five times the level of financial and military support from the US that Ukraine gets. That craziness simply has to be redressed and corrected.

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        • Poland and Ukraine are at the same level as Israel historically. They lost large amounts of their population to Nazi genocide from both Germany and RuSSia and should finally be treated the same way the US treats Israel, before it’s too late.

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        • Naturally, you are correct, Scradge, and this is something we’ve all discussed time and again. The only crop that sowing appeasement has brought was ever more aggression from mafia land. We are here only because of appeasement and weakness. It is baffling that those in charge don’t seem to grasp this obvious fact.

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          • The other thing we should remember is possibly the rodent’s biggest success : propaganda. Russia’s numerous vile friends in politics and media in the west have made sure that any military support in the form of boots on the ground will be incredibly unpopular with electorates in the only countries with the desire or capability to help Ukraine; ie Canada, the US and UK.
            A financial writer in Australia has also written disparagingly about Ukraine:

            “Ukraine Is Weak”
            “Everyone who has studied history — or just played the board game Risk — knows that Ukraine is an important part of global geopolitics. This is also known as the Heartland Theory of 1904. And that refers to quite a bit of history itself…
            Such theories and problems may seem like something from the distant past. But they may be about to become rather relevant once again — especially for investors.
            When I recently interviewed Nigel Farage, the man behind Brexit, I asked him what the most important event of 2021 was. He said it was the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. Because this held such symbolic meaning when it comes to the decline of empires, it has the potential to trigger a long list of geopolitical crises. If Pax Americana is over, what comes next?
            We may be about to find out, according to Jim Rickards below.
            The Russian invasion of Ukraine is coming. Biden makes himself irrelevant.
            By now, it’s apparent that Russia will invade Ukraine in the near future. Whether this is in the winter of 2022 (when the weather is harsh, but the ground is firm) or in May 2022 (just after the ‘mud season’ in March) is unclear, but the invasion is coming.
            Russia is moving up to 175,000 troops to its border with Ukraine, including infantry, armour, special forces, and air support. That’s about 10 divisions or one corps in the Russian order of battle. The objective will be to secure Eastern Ukraine around the provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk, join those provinces with the Russian-controlled Crimean Peninsula, and create a secure zone for passage of Russian naval vessels from Crimea through the Bosporus and into the Mediterranean Sea.
            Another objective will be to create internal turmoil in Kiev (the lead city in Western Ukraine) and prevent any movement toward Ukraine joining NATO. At that point, Putin can rest. He has no desire to invade Poland or Germany or other parts of Central Europe.
            Biden could stop this, but he won’t. This was revealed in the recent Biden-Putin summit conference, as described here. 
            Biden warned Putin not to invade Ukraine and threatened actions if he did. But Biden’s threats were empty. Biden said he would send US troops to Western Europe if Putin invaded. What’s the point of sending troops after the invasion? If you were serious about stopping an attack, you would send the troops now.
            I’m not condoning the invasion or the troops. I’m just stating the obvious about the timing.
            Biden also threatened to cut off Russian natural gas exports to Germany through the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. That’s ridiculous. Russia has ample outlets for its natural gas, but Germany is desperately dependent on those Russian gas exports since Germany has shut down so many coal and nuclear plants. The only loser from a shutdown is our ally Germany, not Russia.
            Finally, Biden threatened economic sanctions on Russia. But Russia has been under sanctions since 2014, and they have had no impact on Russian behaviour.
            Russia has wisely diversified 21% of its total reserves into physical gold bullion that is immune from freezes, hacks, or sanctions. The gold can be used to pay for essential imports or as collateral for loans. Biden’s diplomacy is a failure, and his threats are empty.
            Get ready for the invasion in the coming months. Smart investors will prepare the same way Russia did — by buying.”

            My reply was:

            “I do not know what is in the mind of an aging fascist dictator-for-life and neither does this Rickards guy. Putler is a sly and evil psychopath but still at the moment rational. 
            Rickards has produced yet another sneering, warmongering article about Ukraine, without demonstrating that he knows anything more than a rudimentary amount about the country and its people. He also shows a disturbing, cold hearted lack of empathy for them. Would he be so horribly indifferent if China was threatening to attack Australia? 
            I note that he is friendly with Farage. That is really not a good sign, since Farage is a paid agent of Russia by definition, as all RT employees are. So is Assange: a communist/anarchist, who has been working diligently for the interests of Russia for the past decade at least. 
            Putler buys influence with both the far right and far left. Hence the nexus with Farage, who was a frequent visitor of Assange when he was holed up at the Ecuador embassy. 
            Farage is a close friend of Trump and acts as a go-between for Trump and various pro-putler criminals. 
            Farage’s former party chairman; Aaron Banks, is married to one of putler’s mail order brides and is close with the Russian ambassador in London, as well as some of the worst members of the kremlin murder gang.”

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            • Despite the massive propaganda campaign efforts by mafia land and its many friends in the West, the worst thing that could happen at this point in time is a Biden. If we only had a real president right now instead of this utterly feeble, pug-nosed leftist sock puppet, the entire scenario would look much different. Indeed, he is just another weak link in a chain of Western leaders that has trouble carrying its own weight. It is of little solace having a Congress that shows a little more balls than the Yellow House.

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      • The Hill is never uncertain, but is almost uniformly wrong. Putin would like to attack Ukraine, but the cost of doing so is simply not affordable for Russia. China would like to take Taiwan, But it still does not have the power to do so. None of the alternatives are affordable either.

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    • It seems to me anyone and I mean ANYONE that talks about US hegemony is either crazy or ignorant. Yes I’m American but what other country on earth has been SO powerful yet not taken an inch from anyone? To further the point, those that do speak about US hegemony always tend to support regimes that DO take territory. Therefore there is no credibility to their argument.

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      • No credibility whatsoever. The phrase “US hegemony” is popular with all components of the left globally, plus of course regimes like putler which are a hybrid far right/far left concoction.
        However, the left is divided rather neatly between the mindset of the first writer and that of the far better second one. One can reason with the second one, but as for the first: forget it!
        The US analogue might be the liberal wing of the Dems: mainly reasonable and the crypto Marxist wing as exemplified by Barmy Bernie and his scuzzy crew the “squad”: impossible.

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      • We always get criticized. When we do get involved we are imperialists, when we don’t (America first) we also get shitstormed. If one is anti-America there can’t be any satisfaction, the assholes who hate us will always criticize us no matter what we do. I hope Biden will get behind this asap.

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