Ambassador: Ukraine to get additional assistance from United States this year


In 2022, Ukraine is expected to receive additional assistance from the United States, apart from the projected $300 million.


“The United States grants us direct aid through its budget. For 2022, this sum is already bigger, it was increased to 300 million. And the component related to the lethal defensive weapons was increased also. This is the amount that is projected for the year, and on which our defense agencies cooperate with each other, determine what will be included in this part. There is a second part of the aid. And this is exactly the assistance within which we receive joint trainings, armaments, Javelin systems… Something that cannot be talked about. But we will try very hard to expand the list of defensive weapons that we can get,” Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Oksana Markarova told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in an interview.


Another part of the US–Ukraine cooperation is the intensification of military-technical partnership, the Ambassador noted. “This is cooperation involving Ukroboronprom, the Ministry of Strategic Industries, defense sector companies, the areas where we can implement joint projects, buy some things we need. There are two other ways in which we work with the United States. And this option was already used (during a visit last year it was shown how fast it could be) when the President of the United States provides additional assistance by his decree. Apart from the budgeted funds,” Markarova added.


As reported, U.S. President Joe Biden signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which defines funding for major United States defense policies and, inter alia, stipulates the allocation of security assistance to Ukraine.


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    • Yeah, Bidenov is going about this totally backwards. He has told the fascist invader, “If you go further into Ukraine we will send them additional weapons.”
      Likely the response from the Orcs was, “After? Good, we will have several months of destruction before the weapons and training arrive.”
      What if a woman complained to the police about an impending rape and then the police said, “Oh we can’t do anything until AFTER the rape.”

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        • I agree. Putin has thrown the sink at this one and could move 75% of his portrait kissers to the border with Ukraine. So far, all of Putin’s distractions haven’t worked and support for Ukraine has continued. He can’t pretend he is innocent or protecting Russians this time. He has no good choices unless Biden concedes something.

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