Javelin ATC will not leave chances to “protected” Russian tanks (photo)

The Russian army is actively equipping its battle tanks with so-called “anti-Javelin” protection, which is an anti-accumulation grille that is welded over the tower.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have checked whether such a design can actually protect the tank from a Javelin missile.


Practical shootings with Javelin anti-aircraft missiles took place, on the orders of the Commander of the Joint Forces, Lieutenant General Oleksandr Pavliuk, at one of the military training grounds in the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation.


Lattices, which, according to the Russians, were supposed to protect the tank from damage from above, did not help, as evidenced by the photos published above.



  1. Lets start the year with a picture of a Russian tank hit by a Javelin. The high tech protection grill from the local horse smith of the Russian Army did not help much.

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  2. No doubt, those in charge in mafia land know this and are counting on the ignorance of their tank crews so that they will attack anyway, thinking they are safe. The scheme is to get the Ukrainians to run out of Javelins before they run out of tanks.

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