Pivdenmash has signed a new contract for the production of missiles with the United States

The Antares rocket with the first stage of Ukrainian production was successfully launched

The Southern Machine-Building Plant has signed a new contract with American partners on the Antares rocket carrier.

According to the press service of the company, it is an order for the manufacture of the main structure of the first degree (OKPS) №№ 21 and 22.

It is noted that the situation was uncertain for a long time, as the future of the project depended on the position of NASA.

Currently, the customer has decided to change the launch vehicle, which allowed to conclude a contract. Moreover, additional confirmation from NASA is expected, after which it will be possible to agree on the production of several more OKPS.

“In many ways, our perspective was determined by how we will show ourselves in 2021 on products (rocket stages – ed.) №17 and №18 ″,” explained First Deputy Director General for Economics and Finance Konstantin Zavgorodniy. – Americans are very demanding about such things as compliance with contractual obligations, especially in terms of deadlines, linking all the technical details, as well as organizational formalities. Many nuances arise not only during production, but also during delivery of production to the customer. Employees of the plant (each on his own site) tried not to fail. We met the deadline, and the reception went without comment. For which I thank the whole team. “


In turn, the American side fulfilled its promise and signed an important contract for the Ukrainian company. This will allow Pivdenmash to be loaded (though not to the extent necessary for its rise) for the next two or three years.

“I would like to add that this is not the only positive news. Earlier this year, additional (and very solid) contracts were signed with Antonov for the production of chassis kits for An-178 aircraft and expanding cooperation with them in the field of aviation. Work on them has already begun. We will continue to work on replenishing our company’s portfolio of orders, ”said Konstantin Zavgorodniy.


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