Russian MP wished all enemies to “die” at the holiday (video)

The city administration says that he is “just a patriotic person.”The deputy wished to die for all enemies of Russia / ScreenshotThe deputy wished to die for all enemies of Russia / Screenshot

The chairman of the State Duma of Kamensk-Uralsky in his festive speech wished “everyone who goes against us to die.” 

A fragment of his speech was published by the Baza Telegram channel . 

Valery Permyakov, a member of United Russia, spoke to residents of the city in the Park of Culture and Rest of the Sinarsky Pipe Plant. He wished them a Happy New Year.

“For the Pipe Company, for the city of Kamensk-Uralsky, for us, dear friends, two short ones and one with love – hip-hip hurray! Let everyone who goes against us die,” Permyakov concluded his speech. deputy wished all enemies to “die”

It is worth noting that among the holidaymakers there were small children.

READ ALSOIn the Russian Federation, a historian who researched Soviet repressions increased the term to 15 years in a colonyThe press service of the city administration does not believe that there was something reprehensible in his speech, writes  “Rise” .

“Permyakov was completely sober. He is just a patriotic and emotional person,” the message says. 

Earlier it was reported that the authorities in Russia gave a boy with diabetes a New Year’s gift in the form of sweets .

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  1. Copy that. I wish that too. Start with the rats in the Kremlin who steal ruSSians’ cash, attack your ‘brothers’ and keep RuSSia a shithole with more prisoners than intellectuals.

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  2. Memorial who never wished anyone to die are branded extremist, and closed down. Retards like this, are just patriotic. What a fucked up country Muscovy is.

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