Former prisoner who spoke about torture after the riot in the Angarsk colony was arrested under the article on drugs He considers the case to be fabricated and fears revenge from the FSIN

In the Irkutsk region, a former prisoner of the Angarsk correctional colony No. 15 Yevgeny Yurchenko was arrested, who became the first victim in the torture case in pre-trial detention centers and colonies of the region. This was reported by “Taiga.Info” with reference to a copy of Yurchenko’s letter to Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova.

A criminal case was opened against Yurchenko under article 228 of the Criminal Code (Illegal acquisition, storage, transportation, manufacture, processing of narcotic drugs). What exactly is the former prisoner accused of, the publication does not specify. The Bratsk District Court sent Yurchenko to the local pre-trial detention center-2. The defense appealed against this decision.

Yurchenko himself believes that the case against him was fabricated. In a letter to Moskalkova, he calls it a provocation of the employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the Irkutsk region and prisoners collaborating with the administration. According to him, the “developers” – convicts who are used by the FSIN and the security forces to knock out the testimony they need or put pressure on those under investigation, may also be involved in this.

“Under such circumstances I really fear for my life and health, since the above-mentioned officials and those convicted of the administration, out of a sense of revenge, are capable of new official crimes against me, and some operational officers of the GUFSIN in the Irkutsk region have already expressed threats of physical harm to me. “, – writes Yurchenko.

The former prisoner asked Moskalkova not to allow him to be transported to the Irkutsk SIZO-1, as well as the Angarsk SIZO-6 and IK-15, where operatives work, whom he associated with mass torture.

Human rights activists from the Fund “In Defense of the Rights of Prisoners” called the new case against Yurchenko a provocation. The Foundation asked the management to ensure the safety of the prisoner, and Moskalkov to take the situation under his personal control.

Correctional colony No. 15 of Angarsk, where the riot took place. April 10, 2020Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation / TASS

In April 2020, a  riot took place in the Irkutsk Region  in the maximum security colony No. 15, located in Angarsk. The prisoners staged a protest because of the torture in the colony, the riot was suppressed by the special forces. After the incident, many prisoners, including Yevgeny Yurchenko, were sent to Irkutsk IK-6 and SIZO-1, as well as Angarsk SIZO-6, where they were tortured.

Yurchenko was released from the colony in the summer of 2020, and in January 2021 he became one of the first to publicly talk about torture after the riot. In February, the man was recognized as the first victim in the case of mass abuse of prisoners. After that, several more criminal cases were opened on the fact of torture  .

After his release, human rights activists helped Yurchenko move to Moscow, but later he decided to return to his village in the Bratsk District of the Irkutsk Region, where a case was opened against him.

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