Another hundred kilometers of the fence were built on the border with Russia

Ukraine continues to build its border with Russia. This year, a 100 km two-meter fence covered with barbed wire was erected in Luhansk region.

In addition, 15 CCTV cameras and four operational centers have been installed at the border.

“Strengthened, you see, the cameras are standing, and the ditch, the wire. We used to go to relatives, my sister lives 7 kilometers away. Now we have to go 500 kilometers to Kharkiv, ”said Lyubov Dmitrieva, a resident of the village of Rozsypne on the Russian border.

A anti-traffic ditch and a checkpoint at the border help to track and detain border trespassers. They will not be able to hold off the offensive.

“This complex will not help us keep heavy equipment in the event of its approach to the state border, but will help save time. The operator of the complex will see the approach of equipment and will inform the next forces and the reserve of the border unit, informs the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, “said the spokeswoman of the Luhansk Border Detachment Tetyana Letoshko.



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