Russia was among the countries with the lowest happiness index in the world. Russians are almost as unhappy as Iraqis

Russia is in the top five countries with the lowest happiness index according to the results of the annual poll conducted by Gallup and Romir. In total , residents of 44 countries participated in the  survey .

In the course of the survey, only 5% of Russians said that they are very satisfied with their life, 36% – that they are simply satisfied. Dissatisfied and very dissatisfied were 17% and 6%, respectively. Thus, the index of happiness (the difference between the number of satisfied and dissatisfied) was +18.

Of all the countries whose residents participated in the survey, only Ghana (+2), Afghanistan (+9), Hong Kong (+11) and Iraq (+17) were below Russia in terms of this indicator. In general, the happiness index in the world was +43.

The countries with the highest happiness index were Colombia (+79), Kazakhstan (+76), Albania (+74), Malaysia (+73) and Azerbaijan (+70).

“The level of happiness is not directly related to the level of income. At the same time, Russians traditionally compared themselves not with their neighbors (like most citizens of other countries), but with the situation in economically developed countries. However, the world turned upside down. The model of a correct state, correct ideology, correct accumulation collapsed overnight. Landmarks are not clear. The future is unpredictable. The reaction of a person to unpredictability is fear ”, – [commented on the results of the president of“ Romir ”Andrey Milekhin].ROMIR

At the end of 2020, the happiness index in Russia was also +18. In the whole world, this indicator was +38.

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  1. What a load of BS. Kazakhstan is another shithole modeled on Muscovy. No freedom of speech or human rights are allowed. No doubt this happiness figure come straight from the Kazakh government, not the people.

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      • “The reaction of a person to unpredictability is fear”

        Its about to get a lot more unpredictable for that 5% if their fascist leader decides on open war with Ukraine. They might kill a few Ukrainians and get a temporary boost in popularity but when the banks close and inflation doubles they will face reality and life will become more predictable and desperate.

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