Russia declares its readiness to use army abroad to “protect its citizens”

At the same time, the Federation Council declares that the Russian Federation has no intentions to conduct a military operation against Ukraine

Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev said that Russia does not intend to initiate a military operation against Ukraine, but has the right to promptly use its armed forces to protect Russian citizens abroad in the event of an attack on them as Interfax reported.

“No, and again no, Russia is not hatching plans of its own free will to carry out a military operation against Ukraine,” Kosachev said.

In his opinion, there is no point in conducting “some kind of proactive military operation against Ukraine.”

“Russia has never attacked anyone first. I think that this will not happen in the future,” the senator said.

At the same time, he noted, Russia sees how the situation around Donbas is escalating, “how Ukraine is being pushed to try to solve the problems of the South-East by military means.”

According to him, one of the grounds on which the Russian Armed Forces can be operatively used abroad is the “protection of Russian citizens” outside its territory in the event of an armed attack on them.

On December 25, more than 10,000 Russian troops were returning to their permanent bases after month-long drills near Ukraine.

At the same time, Bloomberg reported that Russia keeps on amassing the military forces next to the Ukrainian border. According to this data, in November, the Russian command brought tanks, artillery and anti-aircraft defense units to the regions adjacent to the border with Ukraine.

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  1. “Russia has never attacked anyone first. I think that this will not happen in the future,” the senator said.

    Poland and Ukraine might disagree with you on that.

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  2. Russia declares its readiness to use army abroad to “protect its evil system” is closer to the truth. The former soviet republics and Warsaw Pact countries would disagree wholeheartedly with such rubbish statements as given in this article.

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  3. I cannot recall that since the Baltic States, Poland, Slovakia and Czechia joined Nato there ever was a giant military build up along RuSSia’s borders. RuSSia keep whining about self-inflicted impacts of their military adventure in Ukraine. And that Putler is prone to increase invasions is already confirmed by Nato.

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  4. then why most victims are russian speaking??? btw 112 is know pro-russian biased also

    Special Update: Western Media Reports that Russia has Withdrawn 10,000 Troops from the Ukrainian Border are Inaccurate


    It’s not NATO trying to encircle Russia, it has just NATO members on 1/16 of its borders, it’s How Russia is slowly encircling Europe

    Click to access 20160627_1607-russia-top5-myths_en.pdf

    btw can’t login with twitter/fb so use this name Ceesboogaart

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