Washington will impose hitherto unprecedented sanctions in the event of an invasion of the Russian Federation – Harris

The United States defends the territorial integrity of Ukraine, she stressed.The United States is ready to impose new sanctions against Russia / photo REUTERSThe United States is ready to impose new sanctions against Russia / photo REUTERS

US Vice President Kamala Harris said that Washington will impose tough sanctions against Russia in the event of military aggression against Ukraine.

She spoke about this in an interview with CBSNews . 

Harris says the US is in direct talks with Russia. 

“We understand very clearly that Russia should not violate the sovereignty of Ukraine, and we defend its territorial integrity. We are working with our allies in this regard, and we have very clearly stated that we are ready to impose sanctions that you have not seen before,” she said vice president.

In response, the journalist recalled that earlier the sanctions did not stop Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

“I repeat that we are talking about sanctions that we have not applied before,” – said Harris. 

Aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

On December 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he  wanted to receive guarantees from the West that Ukraine would not join  NATO.

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that Joe Biden, during talks with Vladimir Putin on December 7, refused to make concessions on the issue of Ukraine’s NATO membership prospects.

On December 16, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that  NATO would not make concessions to Russia  on the issue of Ukraine’s approach to membership in the Alliance. According to him, Ukraine has the right to protection and, together with NATO, will determine the issue of membership in the Alliance.

On December 17, the Russian Federation proposed to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)  to abandon Ukraine’s admission to NATO  and “from conducting any military activity on the territory of Ukraine.” Russia also offered the United States not to create military bases on the territory of the countries of the former USSR and not to accept these countries into NATO.

On December 23, Stoltenberg said the  Alliance had never promised not to admit new members from eastern Europe.

Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that in early 2022, representatives of the Russian Federation and the United States will discuss security issues in Europe in Geneva.

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  1. “Untrustworthy” is not enough of a word to describe harris. She literally slept got into bed to start up her political career, with the Los Angeles mayor who was already married to another woman! If you’re able to investigate the Los Angeles newspaper archives, maybe you’d be able to find it there, but almost nobody trusts her here. Her approval rating is still hovering around only %20, twice as low as biden’s! If she’d told me that the week would be sunny, then it’d because of her telling me, that I’d pack my raincoat. She is a manipulative, opportunistic, and a crooked liar through and through.

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